Highlands Council Board of Trustees

Highlands Council affairs are governed by the Board of Trustees, each member with one equal vote. Two Council Trustees must be homeowners in Issaquah Highlands, two Trustees must represent multi-family housing under covenant in Issaquah Highlands, and two Trustees must be a stakeholders of Issaquah Highlands retail/commercial entities. The Trustees are appointed and the positions are self-perpetuating.

Contact the Board of Trustees directly at HCBoT@IHCouncil.org.

Board of Trustees: Officers

Gary Ashby, President
David Ngai, Vice President & Treasurer
Ami Desai-Mehta, Secretary

Board of Trustees: Members

Kimberly Kapustein, Trustee
Philip Nored, Trustee
Jimmy Ochiltree, Trustee
Anna Preyapongpisen, Trustee