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Volunteer of the Month, January 2016

Volunteer of the Month: Quinn RyanVOM Minecraft IMG_0795

My name is Quinn Ryan.  I am a 5th grader at Grand Ridge Elementary and have lived in the Issaquah Highlands my whole life. I started the Minecraft Mania club almost a year ago because I wanted kids to make new friends, learn teamwork and have fun while playing the popular game of Minecraft. Minecraft is a computer game that teaches kids how to complete goals and it also teaches them coding. These skills will help kids in our generation. All the kids are able to play together through a server which lets us have team building exercises.  At our club we had a game designer come to speak about computer game design. Also, two head public librarians from Sammamish came to observe our club so they could start their own club. Most exciting, a game designer wants us to test a new game!

I love technology and want kids to know about technology. I have taken many classes like ID Tech and Digipen game design. I am also in choir and student council at my school, and take part in safety patrol. I am a Boy Scout and know that teamwork is important. I love to volunteer because I see people happy when I volunteer. It makes our neighborhood a good place when everyone plans to help. If you are not already, you should volunteer!

Join Minecraft Mania every 2nd Tuesday, and now the 4th Tuesday too at Blakely Hall!