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All stop or originate at the IH P&R. Times are estimate; see schedules for specific stop-times. Buses serve the commuter, student, senior, and shopper.

Metro Commuter Route 218

IH P&R to Downtown Seattle (4th and Pike, 8th and Olive)
Route Details

Metro Commuter Route 269

Issaquah Transit Center to Overlake Park & Ride (with stop at Issaquah Highlands P&R)
Route Details

Sound Transit Route 554

Sammamish, IH P & R, Downtown Issaquah, Downtown Seattle (5th and Jackson, 4th and Lenora)
Route Details

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Sharing commuting cost between 5+ riders in a Metro Vanpool is a great deal! And while you are saving money, let your driver chauffer you while you read, do a few emails, or simply enjoy the company of your ride-buddies. Vanpools are usually made up of people who all work at the same place.

Start a Vanpool: See kingcounty.gov/metrovans. Vanpool drivers go through a vetting/qualification process and take online training before being approved. Drivers are the group leader, with the help of a designated rider/bookkeeper. Drivers clean and make sure the van is maintained. Personal use of van is strictly limited.

Join a Vanpool:  Riders simply fill out a detailed, online application at rideshareonline.com. A completed application provides a log in to the site. Riders find drivers by entering their trip details and then sorting through a list of drivers’ trip schedules that have matching locations. For Bellevue vanpool information, see chooseyourwaybellevue.org.


Find a Carpool: After filling out the application at rideshareonline.com, log in and enter your trip details. A map shows others whose trips are similar to yours. It’s up to you to find the best match. If you want to ride, send a “driver” a request. There does not appear to be any vetting of drivers/passengers. For carpool to Bellevue information, visit chooseyourwaybellevue.org.

Take HOV: HOV lanes require 2+ riders except I-405 which requires a flex-pass and during weekday peak hours, it requires 3+ riders to use the lanes free of charge.


School-pooling is just starting in Issaquah. It’s a way to help share rides with other families at your children’s schools through a free, secure, ride-match service. See rideshareonline.com for more information. To get involved, email salmonfriendlytrips@issaquahwa.gov.

Bike Routes

Bike Routes

To Microsoft, Redmond Campus:

15.5 miles (15 miles of that on trail), elevation 354 ft. up, 820 ft. down.
See approximate route

To Downtown Bellevue:

14 miles (4 miles of that on trail) elevation 500 ft. up, 950 ft. down.
See approximate route

To Downtown Seattle:

20.5 miles, (12 miles of that on trail), elevation 132 ft. up, 1736 ft. down.
See approximate route

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Work from home

Work at Home

Did you know Highlands Fiber Network (HFN) is one of the fastest networks in the nation?  And that Issaquah Highlands provides home business districts? High speed internet and a business-friendly community creates opportunities to work at home.

Need a change of scenery from your home office? Work from beautiful Blakely Hall during Telecommute Tuesdays — free coffee, tea, snacks, and wifi in a quiet environment — all close to home!

Helpful Resources:

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