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Teens: Learn How to Drive to Save More Than Lives

By November 17, 2021General
The Art of Adulting
Ethan Hunter in his car

Ethan in his car.

For many teenagers like myself, learning to drive is one of the most significant high school milestones. Learning to drive presents an unmatched sense of freedom that never really existed for teens before. I’ve had my license for about six months but still have unanswered questions on how to be the safest driver possible. To help address these questions, the Highlands Youth Advisory Board, along with the Issaquah Police Department (IPD) and State Farm Insurance, will host a virtual workshop on Sunday, December 5, where teens can ask questions about how to drive safely, how to react when pulled over, and how to respond to an accident. We’ll also discuss how driving safely now can lower your car insurance payments in the future.

No one likes getting pulled over; regardless, it’s incredibly important to know how to react if you do. My driving instructor only briefly touched on this topic, only mentioning to pull over to the side and follow police instructions. In the upcoming workshop, IPD will also discuss how to call 911 and speak to the dispatcher.

Most teens also don’t know about insurance, and admittedly I, too, have a very limited understanding of deductibles and policies. Being a safe and alert driver not only saves lives but keeps your insurance rates low. Tickets and accidents increase risk level, and therefore, raises insurance rates. It’s also important to learn about deductibles – essentially, how much money you need to pay out of pocket.

I invite all teens to join the HY Board for this free workshop on December 5 to have all your safe driving questions answered (including ones you never thought of). Get more information and register online in advance >>

Ethan Hunter is an 11th-grader, a member of the HY Board, and a resident of Issaquah Highlands.