Building Community

Issaquah Highlands Doers and Dreamers Day of Service

Love Where You Live

By Connections, Special Event
Take 15 Minutes Each Month to Serve Your Community As part of our Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-inspired “Issaquah Highlands Doers and Dreamers Day of Service," join the Issaquah Highlands Cross-Cultural Committee in setting aside 15 minutes each month this year to help keep our community beautiful. It all...
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Christy Garrard

Cheers to 10 Years!

By Connections
Celebrating Christy Garrard's 10 Years of Service to Highlands Council and Community In 2010, Christy joined Highlands Council with a mission to bring the organization “back to life” following the recession, starting with building community engagement using Blakely Hall and Connections. With the support of volunteers, she grew the organization...
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