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Small Steps to Have a More Joyful Year

By December 23, 2020Connections
See the Dragonflies

Create a “joy jar.”
Create a “joy jar” and inside, put what you are grateful for on little pieces of paper. Go through the jar every month or at the end of the year.

Allow time for self-care.
Take time to work on yourself each day. Read a book, watch a movie, exercise, or anything that relaxes you. If you can’t find time at least days a week, don’t use it as an excuse; start small and make it a habit.

Plan to start one new thing this year.
Learn a new skill. It could be learning a new instrument, painting, baking, hiking – whatever makes you feel good. There are many things you can do; choose one and go for it.

Take some time out of your day to play!
Celebrate joy by singing, laughing, dancing, playing games, or taking a laughter class. When you play, you flow, and flowing brings instant joy.

Reconnect with a friend or a family member.
Schedule time to take a social-distanced walk with a friend or family member, or even connect with a Zoom call. This is a time to remind each other we are not alone.

Make a small difference!
If you can volunteer to help people in our community, know it makes a difference. If everyone makes a small difference, then there will be a ripple effect and you could end up making a major difference in the community.

– Julie Plaut Warwick, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Issaquah Highlands Resident

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