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Small Steps to Build Stronger Social Ties

By December 23, 2020Connections
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Connect with people with whom you share something in common.
Whether it’s your kids at Grand Ridge Elementary, a love for books, owning a small business, or any other common thread, you’ll always have a conversation starter.

Join a virtual event.
With the lack of geographic barriers, there is always something fun going on online. You can feel connected with people through various online events like community events, educational workshops, game nights, and more.

Go for a social walk.
Try walking around the neighborhood without your earbuds. Say “hello” to everyone you pass and ask a neighbor a genuine question like, “How’s the yard project coming?” Just be sure to keep your distance and mask up for now!

Reach out.
It is human nature to want to share our lives with friends and family. Conversations don’t always have to be long and deep. Text a friend a picture of something funny to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Set your expectations.
Not everyone you interact with will become a good friend, and that’s OK! Sometimes just seeing someone’s face or knowing someone’s on the other end of the phone/computer is enough to feel connected to your community.

– Lindsey Pinkston, Community Program Manager, Highlands Council, and Issaquah Highlands Resident

Photo: Issaquah Highlands Business Networking Group is just one of several community groups that meet virtually. View our community calendar for a schedule of active community groups. 

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