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Rooted in Community: What is Highlands Council?

By April 5, 2021Connections
What is Highlands Council?

A Community-Building Organization


Highlands Council’s mission is to foster the development of a vibrant and caring community committed to service, diversity, stewardship, and well-being. Highlands Council is not the homeowner’s association. The Covenant for Community established Highlands Council to address the life enrichment needs of all community members – including homeowners and rental and commercial properties – through collaboration, community relations, and greater community involvement.


  • Communications
  • Events, programs, and community groups
  • Blakely Hall community center
  • Greater community liaison
  • Brand management


Highlands Council is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization governed by a self-perpetuating board of trustees whose members represent homeowners and rental and commercial properties in Issaquah Highlands. Trustees set policy and hire the Highlands Council executive director. Community Enhancement fees tied to the Covenant for Community – signed by most landowners in Issaquah Highlands – are the primary source of Highlands Council funding. (See “What is the Covenant for Community?” blog post for more information.) Other funding sources include sponsorships, grants, and advertising.

Christy Garrard is the executive director of Highlands Council and a Dahlia Park resident.

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