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Rooted in Community: What is an “urban village”?

By April 1, 2021Connections
What is an urban village?

Issaquah Highlands was developed in the style of new urbanism, modeled after the compact, mixed-use design of European cities. New urbanism is defined as a mostly walkable mix of diverse, vibrant communities that include housing, workplaces, shops, entertainment, schools, parks, and civic facilities essential to daily life.

Issaquah Highlands combines the convenience found in dense cities with the quality of life found in the suburbs. Built Green-certified with safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, and many recreational opportunities, our community provides an ideal place for you and your family to live, work, and play.

Today Issaquah Highlands boasts over 4,000 homes. We have our own community center, Blakely Hall. We have a hospital, fire station, elementary school, retail, restaurants, and services, plus thousands of preserved acres of open space, parks, trails, and athletic amenities. The community is close to complete, with some residential and commercial areas not yet developed.

Because this urban village has various housing types and businesses, four separate organizations govern and serve the community to ensure a high-quality lifestyle for both residents and merchants. These organizations are funded and managed independently but work closely together to benefit the entire community.

Christy Garrard is the executive director of Highlands Council and a Dahlia Park resident.

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