Issaquah Highlands Photography Contest

A Focus on Home Photography Contest

Open May 1 – July 31

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Photographers of all ages are invited to submit their best images celebrating life in Issaquah Highlands in our “A Focus on Home” Photography Contest, funded in part by the Issaquah Arts Commission. The contest is open from May 1 to July 31. Capture Issaquah Highlands’ beautiful landscapes, features, and community life and submit your favorite photos in these ten categories. (Note: Each person may submit one photograph per category.)


  • Parks and Outdoor Art: With 28 parks in Issaquah Highlands and plenty of outdoor art pieces, you’re bound to have a favorite spot or feature. Show us what makes a park special to you, or take a photo of your favorite piece of outdoor art from your perspective.
  • Home Maintenance: Painting your fence? Patching the roof? These quintessential activities demonstrate real life for homeowners in Issaquah Highlands.
  • Landscape and Views: Which of Issaquah Highlands spectacular views or gorgeous landscapes is your favorite? This category also includes our incredible sunsets and rainbows.
  • Front Porches: Show us what Issaquah Highlands “front porch living” means to you. Be sure you have permission from the resident if the porch you are photographing is not your own. This category can include other unique features of Issaquah Highlands homes as well, including architecture.
  • Diversity: What does the diversity of our community look like to you?
  • Life in Action: Whatever your preferred activity (walking, biking, kids sports, etc.), we’re looking for your best action shots.
  • Pets and Wildlife: We love cuteness! Grab a shot of your pet or discovery in the wild. Photos that can be identified as taking place in Issaquah Highlands are preferred.
  • Commercial: Our local businesses are part of what makes our urban village special. Whether it is a special feature on a building, an action shot, or a shot of what you love most about a particular business, show us what our Issaquah Highlands businesses mean to you.
  • Drone: Do you love to capture the community from the sky? Show us your favorite view from above. Note: Per the Issaquah Highlands’ Use Restrictions and Rules: “[The Issaquah Highlands Community Association Board of Directors] will defer to the FAA guidelines on drone usage and operation however, it will enforce operator behavior which is deemed a nuisance.”
  • Seasonal: Submit your favorite photo showing the unique beauty of your favorite season in Issaquah Highlands.

Contest Details and Rules

All photos entered must be taken in Issaquah Highlands and submitted as high-resolution images (photos selected for display at Blakely Hall will need to print at 16 inches by 20 inches in size). Submit photos online between May 1 and July 31, 2021.

Images should be in JPG format from a digital camera or smartphone set at no less than 3 megapixels high resolution (or digitally scanned if from a non-digital camera) at a sufficient resolution to print at 16-by-20-inch size without a loss of quality. Minimum size of 4000-by-3200-pixels at 200 ppi (preferred size of 4800-by-6000-pixles at 300 ppi), with a maximum file size of 20 MB. Be sure to set your camera or smartphone settings at the highest possible resolution for the best results. If you send a photo from your camera to yourself over email, be sure your email program is not set to reduce your attachments to a low-resolution format.

Photo entries will be judged by Highlands Council staff and a panel of volunteer judges. All submissions are eligible for publication in our print and electronic media with photo credit. (Read the full entry agreement.) Selected photos will be printed, featured at a public reception, and displayed in the gallery at Blakely Hall when it is again open to the public.

Winners in each category and age group will receive prizes. If your photo is chosen for display in the gallery, you will also receive a mounted ready-to-hang copy of your photo, like the one we will display in the Blakely Hall gallery.

Now grab your camera or camera phone and start looking for inspiration; we can’t wait to view the community through your lens.

Kevin Burchett Spruce Coaster Trail
Healing Hooves Goats in Issaquah Highlands 2018
IHCA trail
Crofton Neighborhood Issaquah Highlands

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