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Issaquah Highlands Parks and Trails

The neighborhoods of Issaquah Highlands are surrounded by 1,500 acres of open space and parks. 1,200 of those acres are Grand Ridge Park, to the south and the east. 173 acres are protected with conservation easements and make up our habitat corridors and protected wetlands. Over 100 acres were put into active park spaces. Here is a list of most of our active park spaces. Many of our parks are small, owned by their neighbors and don’t have formal names.

King County:

Grand Ridge Park: 1,200+ forested acres, 10 miles of trails, hiking, horseback, mountain biking, some steep climbs and moderate rolling terrain (route to Duthie Hill Park, mountain bike skills park)

City of Issaquah:

Black Nugget Park: Basketball court, play areas, picnic tables and benches, tennis court, walking paths, and grass field.

Central Park: Gazebo, play area, baseball, sport court, lighted soccer fields, tennis courts, trailheads (i.e. Grand Ridge Trail), restrooms

Grand View Park: Big views, walking path, huge grass field, drinking fountain, picnic tables, restrooms

Sunset Park / Pond: Loop trail (paved and gravel), views, waterfall, pond, birdwatching

Grand Ridge Plaza / Regency Centers

The Plaza between Big Fish Grill and Regal Cinemas

The Pocket Park at the wetland, North of Marshalls

IHCA Parks:

Ashland Park: Play area, grass hill, gazebo, water feature, Little Free Library, gazebo

Bark Park: Off-Leash area for dogs, special small dog area, picnic tables

Brownstones Plaza: Cobblestone Plaza running from Ellis Drive to Discovery Drive

Dahlia Park: Grass hill, natural amphitheater, trails and bridge through forest to pond and to Bark Park, picnic tables, Little Free Library

Daphne Park: Play area, grass area, Little Free Library

Davis Loop Park: Play area, grass area

Firehouse Park: Play area, basketball court, grass field, walking trail with wetland/birdwatching

Forest Ridge Park: Grass areas, play area, Little Free Library

Harrison Park: Big views, play area, grass field

Kirk Park: Play area, water fountain and gazebo (adjacent to Grand View Park)

Logan Park: Grass field and concrete tunnels great for toddlers

Magnolia Park: Covered picnic area, grass field, basketball, play area

Pine Crest Stairs: With over 100 steps, this the most ambitious workout in IH, big views

Pine Crest Park: Play equipment, views, seating

Roanoke Woods: (aka Bear Park) play area, picnic tables

Summit Park: Play equipment for older kids (big slides, spinner tube), large grass field, Little Free Library

The Greens: grass space between Iverson and Jewel (24th and 26th)

Village Green: Grass field large enough for a game of catch or Frisbee, Little Free Library. Next to Blakely Hall and shops

Village Trail Park: Play area, picnic table, gravel trail to stairs

Vista Park: Badminton court, play area

West Highlands Park: Play area, grass field, Little Free Library

Wisteria Park: Play area, picnic area, grass


King County:

Grand Ridge Trail

Water Tower Trail

City of Issaquah:

Swedish Hospital Loop Trail

Forest Paved Trail from Forest Ridge to Central Park

South Pond Trail (Connects Central Park to Grand Ridge Park/Trail)

Neighborhood Trails (owned by IHCA or neighborhood):

Lee’s Loop, a trail through Dahlia Park to Bark Park

Kathy’s Trail, a forested trail connecting Trailhead Vista to Ashland Park

Trailhead Vista, a paved connector to Community Gardens and Bark Park

Sunset Interchange Trail, a paved trail connector to the Issaquah Preston Trail, Old Town Issaquah and North Issaquah

Stairs from 10th Ave NE to Pine Crest

Stairs from Village Trail between 25th Place @ Village Trail Park to 30th Ave NE

Trail around Pine Crest

Trail Around West Highlands Park

Trail Through the Cottages and Crofton Springs

Reserving Park Shelters in the Issaquah Highlands

Kirk Park is owned and managed by the IHCA. Use of the park shelter is on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved for private events. If you would like to reserve a park shelter, Central Park Shelter can be reserved for a fee by completing an application with the City of Issaquah at:


Village Green Park is also available for rent for a fee but only in conjunction with the rental of Blakely Hall. For more information:


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