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New Traffic Light Operational

By September 3, 2015Front Page, General

As part of the new Issaquah Terrace Apartment Complex, just north of Issaquah Highlands on Highlands Drive, and in accordance with the Lakeside Development Agreement the new signals along Highlands Drive NE at and near NE Lilac Street will be turned on beginning Thursday morning September 3rd. The developer, Polygon Northwest has been working on these improvements for over a year, coordinating with both King County and the City of Issaquah. The new signals will provide a signalize crosswalk just north of NE Ingram Way and a full access intersection at NE Lilac Street. The north bound left turn lane will allow for both left turns and the Metro buses to merge into through traffic. New street lights have been installed consistent with the development standards to replace the original cobra head style of lights installed with the original development of the roadway. Crews will continue to work in the area to complete the landscaping and remaining punch-list items. City of Issaquah