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Name The New HFN Mascot!

By June 10, 2014June 26th, 2014Front Page

By Pat Sarles, ISOMEDIA

HFN Service Provider Issaquah Highlands and the Highlands Fiber Network are growing and a special member of the community has been overseeing their progress. __________ the Owl has been keeping an eye on things from his perch up in the trees and the HFN team has adopted him as the Highlands Fiber Network Mascot! You’ll soon be seeing a lot of this little guy on HFN invoices, promotional materials, and the HFN website. HFN will remain your community-owned, local, dependable, high-speed Internet, and HFNVoice provider with a friendly addition to the team.

We do have one problem, though, and need your help. We can’t keep calling him Blank! We’d like the community to name the HFN owl and are having a contest to find the name that fits this little guy the best. The HFN mascot will have this name forever. So please find a name he’ll like! Whoever enters the name that is chosen will be featured in Connections and on the HFN website.

You’ll find a big picture of our mascot in June Connections and at Blakely Hall. There is a placeholder under the picture of the owl for you to write down your suggestion for his name, and a place on the back for your name and contact information. Drop your entry off at Blakely Hall by June 30th. If you’re feeling creative or have children in the home, please color him happy! All entries, colored or black and white, will be hung on the walls in Blakely Hall for everyone to see. Highlands Council and the HFN staff will decide which of the entries will become the HFN owl’s name. We’ll announce the winner at Highlands Day!

Entry Deadline: June 30th
Submit entries to
Issaquah Highlands Council at Blakely Hall
Monday•Friday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM

HFN has been an integral part of the Highlands community for over 14 years and continues to grow with you. Most families use the HFN high-speed Internet for keeping up with family and news events, for streaming music and video, for schoolwork or a home business, for keeping up with finances, for planning home dacor or landscaping, and for countless other activities! It’s competitive low pricing and beyond-competitive dependability and speed set the Highlands Fiber Network service more than a step above Comcast and CenturyLink. HFNVoice uses the Internet to provide inexpensive and flexible phone service. If you are not already using these services, visit the HFN website at or contact us at 425-427-0999 or for information.

Please help us name our owl!

  • Look for the HFN flyer with the picture of our new mascot!
  • Think of a great name for this cute little owl!
  • Fill in your choice and your contact information on the form!
  • Drop it off at Blakely Hall by June 30th!
  • Attend Highlands Day on Sunday, July 20th, to find out who the winner is!