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Lyle and the Big Fir Grow Together

By June 9, 2020Connections, IHCA
Lyle Dickey IHCA

In 2004, Lyle Dickey, now the IHCA landscape manager, worked for Tuefel Landscape and helped to install what we now know as Village Green Park. Part of that installation included a 15-foot fir tree at the center of the park.

Sixteen years later, that tree has grown to 65 feet tall and sits as the center of the Highlands. Lyle has grown over that time, too, joining Port Blakely in 2008 and transitioning to the IHCA. In 2016, Lyle was promoted to landscape manager and now manages over 484 acres of vegetation under his care (the size of almost three New York City Central Parks), including the fir tree from years ago.

Wow, have they grown!

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Photo by Nina Milligan.