30+ diverse Neighborhoods to explore

Neighborhood Descriptions

Ashland Park
An original neighborhood of Issaquah Highlands, this area is centered on Ashland Park, a park perfect for small children and public events.

Black Nugget
A neighborhood of homes, duplexes and condominiums that border on Black Nugget Park with its basketball, tennis and playground, pond, trails and common areas. It’s just a short walk to the Vista Community Garden.

The Brownstones
176 Townhomes being built in 2014 just south of Grand Ridge Plaza, east of Highlands Drive. This neighborhood features a pedestrian plaza that connects Grand Ridge Plaza to Discovery Heights.

Central Park
A large neighborhood of single-family homes, condominiums and affordable rentals, this neighborhood enjoys, as the name implies, the best vantage and convenient location for all the activities at Central Park from trailheads into Grand Ridge Park, to baseball, tennis and the lighted soccer fields.

Concord Commons
Townhomes along and south of Park Drive, this neighborhood is conveniently located to enjoy Central Park, the shops at Village Green as well as Blakely Hall

Crofton at Village Green
This is a community comprising a variety of home types in cheerful colors. Many are walk-in single-family homes with shared landscaped walkways and green areas, a few are carriage-house condominiums. The Village Trail runs through it connecting Village Green with Village Trail Park.

Crofton Springs
A variety of home types, from walk-in single-family homes to carriage-house condominiums, make this unique community a draw for walkers, especially to enjoy the creek that runs along the neighborhood path.

Dahlia Park
Single-family front-porch homes surround a popular, community gathering spot, Dahlia Park, and connected to Grand View Park and Bark Park through a forested trail.

Daphne Park
Tucked away in the southeastern corner above Central Park, this neighborhood enjoys a pocket park and end-of-the-road privacy.

Discovery Heights Rental Apartments
When complete Discovery Heights will include 560 apartments and townhomes with retail on both the east and west sides of Highlands Drive at the southern most edge of the community with great views of Tiger Mountain and to the west.

Forest Ridge
Looking out over Grand Ridge Plaza, Cougar Mountain and Lake Sammamish, Forest Ridge enjoys also a great family park and direct access to the multi-use, paved trail to Central Park.

Harrison Street
High on the hill at the top of Issaquah Highlands, custom estate homes designed by the area’s best architects all provide spectacular views, as does the neighborhood park set near the high point of the neighborhood.

Huckleberry Circle
An pioneer neighborhood in Issaquah Highlands, Huckleberry circle is endeared for its quaint, small-town style alleys and homes with cozy front and porches and back patios. It is home to several home-based businesses.

Grand Ridge Drive
The homes on Grand Ridge Drive nestle in 2+ acre sites in King County reached by a narrow country lane, winding through a forest setting, creating a feeling of privacy and prestige. Native fir, cedar, pines, juniper, maple, alder, birch, ferns and other indigenous Northwest plants abound. Peace, quiet and privacy come when one is this far off the beaten path.

Habitat for Humanity
Resident homeowners paid with sweat equity for a down payment for their Habitat for Humanity home. They helped build not only their own home but also their neighbor’s homes. All were Built Green and followed the strict architectural guidelines of the Issaquah Highlands while still providing affordable housing to their new owners.

High Street Townhomes
10 townhomes built in 2014 by Ichijo USA overlook Grand Ridge Plaza with signature, roof-top decks.

Kirk Park
This neighborhood includes a variety of single-family and townhomes with hidden neighborhood trails bordered by front porches. All enjoy easy access to the playground at Kirk Park and the expansive northwest views of Grand Ridge Park.

Logan Park
Flanked by green belt, city-owned open space, this neighborhood of single-family homes is well-known for hosting Logan, or Two-Tunnel, Park.

Magnolia Park
Many of the single-family homes of Magnolia Park back up to the expansive Grand Ridge Park, enjoying a remote, and somewhat wild setting. The magnolias bloom spectacularly every summer. The large covered gazebo is a favorite for family and neighborhood gatherings.

80 Single-family homes being built in 2014 by Toll Brothers looking out over Grand Ridge Plaza, Cougar Mountain and Lake Sammamish.

Roanoke Woods
Roanoke Woods is an enclave inside Issaquah Highlands, nestled among mature trees. The neighborhood park is loved by young and old for its black bear family statues. The park also provides play structures, benches and wide walking paths to draw neighbors outdoors year around.

A townhome and attached single-family home neighborhood, Sorrento’s homes cling to the steep hillside with stair-trails providing connections to Park Drive and Ashland Park.

Summit Park
Behind Central Park with expansive views, this neighborhood of larger single-family homes is known for its trails, stairs and fantastic views. The neighborhood park is often referred to Two-Slides Park, for the pair of slides that are the best and longest slides around.

Sun Ridge
New in 2014, this 36 single-family home development located south of Forest Ridge with custom and production homes by Ichijo USA.

Sunset Walk
70 Townhomes, new in 2014, are situated off NE Park Drive across from Fire Station Park and alongside the waterfall pond between Park and Falls Drive. Sunset Walk is conveniently located across the street from restaurants and shopping, while being near community parks and trails.

A townhome neighborhood along the steep hillside above Ashland Park, Timmaron gets its character from hidden paths, cozy gardens and big views.

View Ridge
38 attached single-family homes built in 2014 north of Black Nugget Park along the main community trail from Central Park to Bark Park.

Vista Park
A variety of homes styles, shared courtyards and neighborhood play areas and viewpoints make this neighborhood a great place to live. Add to that walking distance from Grand Ridge Plaza and the Park and Ride and you also have coveted convenience.

West Highlands Park
Large and small homes in this remote neighborhood hang on the western edge of the highlands, enjoying views of the Issaquah Alps and Lake Sammamish. Families treasure their playground park. Walkers from far and wide enjoy the perimeter trail with its fantastic views.

Wisteria Park
Many homes in Wisteria Park back up to the expansive Grand Ridge Park, giving them a remote setting and direct connection to the outdoors. Their neighborhood park provides families and neighbors a great gathering spot.

Wynhaven  Rental Apartments
Clinging to the hillside above Park Drive, from small apartments to townhomes accommodate newcomers and long-term residents alike. Residents enjoy proximity to Grand Ridge Elementary, great sidewalk paths, many with fantastic views and the only outdoor pool in the community.

YWCA Family Village
The Family Village includes 146 apartments, a community center, daycare and more in an award-winning, environmentally-friendly community offering permanent, affordable housing to families in East King County.

zHome is a revolutionary, award-winning 10-unit townhome neighborhood whose homes use smart design and cutting edge technologies to radically reduce their environmental impacts. Consuming zero net energy and 60% less water, zHomes also emit net zero carbon emissions, have clean indoor air and used only low-toxicity materials in construction. Details available here.

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