IHCA Governing Documents

Summary of Governing Documents >

Summary of what each governing document (listed below) covers. (PDF)

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) >

The rules of the Association that are designed to protect, preserve, and enhance property values in the community.

IHCA By-Laws >

The rules and regulations enacted by an association to provide a framework for its operation and management. (PDF)

Use Restrictions & Rules >

Rules which all residents are expected to obey. Updated January 2020.

Community Association Assessment & Late Fee Policy >

Important notice on payment late fees, payment plans and liens. (PDF)

Community Wide Standards >

Standards which all residents of Issaquah Highlands are expected to maintain.  Often used to determine compliance violations. Updated January 2020.

Articles of Incorporation >

The articles of incorporation include certain Association provisions that are required by state corporation law. (PDF)

Reserve Study >

Recommended funding of reserves based on an annual inspection of Common Area elements that must be maintained by the Association. (PDF)

Reserve Disclosure >

A summary of the Association’s reserve status. (PDF)

30 Year Reserve Plan Summary >

For 2019-20 (PDF)

IHCA Insurance >

Policies maintained by the Association insuring common property and liability of the Association. (PDF)

Water Wise Guidelines >

Guidelines for preserving and managing water use in Issaquah Highlands. (PDF)

IHCA Budget >

Current and previous fiscal year IHCA Budgets and Budget Summary Presentation.

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