Highlands Youth (HY) Advisory Board

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About the HY Board

Established in 2013, the Highlands Youth (HY) Advisory Board assists with the community-building work of Highlands Council, providing youth a voice in community matters.

In 2021, the HY board will divide middle school from high school students. Most activities will be separate and appropriate to the age and maturity of the members. Some activities and service projects will be joint endeavors such as the Highlands Day festival, Parents Night Out events, and community art projects.

All HY board members can contribute written articles of community interest to Connections and to the community blog page at IssaquahHighlands.com. HY board members can also contribute artistically via photography, videography, graphic design, and other mediums to our community media and messaging.

More About the HY Board

Middle school HY board members will plan social and service project events for middle school peers and for elementary-age students, learning event planning and social hosting skills. HY middle school members will act as role models for elementary students and will be mentored by the HY high school members.

High school HY board members will focus on leadership and life skills development for themselves and for their peers in the community. In addition to monthly planning meetings and special events, HY board high school members will rotate attendance of community organization board and committee meeting attendance to develop a sense of community priorities and how they can use their voices in support of, or to impact change, in Issaquah Highlands and in areas of their personal passion. HY board high school members will be expected to attend community-wide town hall meetings and represent the youth of Issaquah Highlands at city council meetings when agenda items directly impact the quality of life in the Issaquah Highlands community.

HY board members must reapply annually, although past contributions are taken into consideration during the application process.

The HY board application process for 2021-2022 is now closed. Please check back in Spring 2022.

Benefits to Student Members & Our Community

  • Form relationships with peers through shared experiences.
  • Develop problem-solving skills through event planning and hosting.
  • Participate in meaningful activities of leadership.
  • Learn to use their voices in community matters.
  • Role model inclusivity and kindness to engage future HY board leaders.
  • Gain a unique understanding of community governance.
  • Prepare for post-high school life experiences and civic involvement.
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Programming & Events

The Art of Adulting

The Art of Adulting

A new monthly series of fun and informative workshops for local high school students to come together to learn important life skills.

Register: Discover all upcoming workshops

Read: “The Art of Adulting: A Life Skills and Leadership Development Curriculum for Teens”

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