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IHCA Fall Landscape Update: Park and Streetscape Improvements

By October 12, 2021IHCA
Issaquah Highlands fall trees

It’s hard to believe fall is here, and winter will soon be on its way. It is the time of year the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) landscape team begins improvements and irrigation upgrades before the weather worsens. We will work on several projects, including annual and planned improvements.

Streetscape Improvements

The IHCA will replace damaged or unhealthy groundcover in areas where the existing groundcover has failed. This year, we will install approximately 4,000 one-gallon groundcover plants in different parts of the community, along with soil and bark where needed. The IHCA’s tree contractor will be in the community for three weeks, pruning street trees in different neighborhoods as needed.

Crews will fix or replace damaged turf or turf that has settled next to walkways to alleviate any tripping hazards and improve overall aesthetics. We will also replace missing or damaged street trees in certain parts of the community. At the end of November (once the fall leaves are gone), crews will do the annual work of spreading bark in tree pits throughout the community.

Park Improvements

There are three parks scheduled for landscape and irrigation upgrades this fall. We will make drainage improvements and irrigation upgrades at Magnolia Park. Landscape improvements will follow; we will replace some plants, leaving the healthy plants that complement the landscape.

Logan Park is next to receive new landscape and irrigation upgrades to accompany the newly-installed playground. Upgrades will also be made to the parks in the Terraces and Valais Hudson neighborhoods. These parks are small, off the beaten path, and in need of some upgrades and improvements.

We look forward to working on these upgrades with our IHCA contractors to try and keep Issaquah Highlands a beautiful place to live, work, and play.

Lyle Dickey is the IHCA landscape manager. 

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