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What if your Backyard was 1,500 Acres?

“You can pull on your shoes, leave the house and have direct access to the Tiger Mountain complex right from here,” – Kevin Beares, Past Park and Trails Committee, Issaquah Highlands

With over 1,500 acres dedicated to parks and open space just within Issaquah Highlands, there are plenty of places to walk, hike and bike. From front door to deep woods is an easy transition with the combination of sidewalks, network of community parks, then wide open trails getting people out of their cars and on through the community.

A special flyover lane off the Sunset Interchange connects the Highlands with downtown Issaquah and links Issaquah Highlands trails with the network of trails laced through Squak, Tiger and Cougar Mountains. These trails make up what many outdoors people believe is the finest urban wilderness trail system in the nation. Highlands people can leave their front door and have access to thousands of acres of permanently preserved woods and hundreds of miles of walking trails.

Link to a complete list of Issaquah Highlands’ Parks and Trails


Questions or Concerns?

For Issaquah Highlands parks, contact the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) at 425-427-9257 (or after-hours emergency phone for common areas only at 425-223-8887) or by email.

For city of Issaquah parks (Black Nugget Park, Central Park, Grand View Park), contact the Issaquah Department of Parks & Community Services at 425-837-3300 or use the city’s Submit a Request feature.

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Off-leash Dog Parks

Little Free Libraries

In the spring of 2016 Highlands Council and the HY (Highlands Youth Advisory Board) funded the construction and placement of 8 Little Free Libraries throughout Issaquah Highlands for the enjoyment and literacy benefit of all who live here.  What better way to “live green,” than to donate, lend, or share?

A few rules and reminders of this new community program:

  • Recognize this is a community effort and everyone should be involved with the upkeep. Report damage to the Highlands Council office at 425-507-1107.
  • The books inside the Little Libraries are gifts to the community and are meant to be shared, not kept or taken and sold.
  • Leave room in the Little Libraries for books; a smaller thoughtful collection is more valuable to your neighbors than a box packed with yellowing throwaway books.
  • Respect freedom of expression and diversity; however the Little Libraries are not appropriate for religious or political pamphlets.

Take the family on a treasure hunt for the perfect book!

Share your questions or comments and photos of your family using the Little Free Libraries with me!  Happy reading!


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