Buying and Selling in Issaquah Highlands
            A Real Estate Brokers Guide

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Sustainability: All Issaquah Highlands homes are 100% Built Green Certified.  All commercial properties in Issaquah Highlands are LEED certified or built to LEED certified standards.

Real Estate Broker Guide

When selling a home in the Issaquah Highlands, contact the IHCA prior to ALL escrow closings for information. Fees for all three (3) organizations will be collected through closing by the IHCA. Please contact: or 425-507-1119 for more information. 

To download a hardcopy of the fee information provided on this page click hereReal Estate Brokers Guide to Buying and Selling in Issaquah Highlands

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IHCA: Homeowners Association that prides itself on ensuring homeowner satisfaction by maintaining common areas and delivering unsurpassed customer service in all areas of management – all of which is translated in the growth of the community, ever rising property values,  and  nationally known recognition. The IHCA works closely with other Highlands non-profits to continue that tradition and foster greater community spirit.

  • Assessments are charged monthly to all owned homes in the Issaquah Highlands
  • Supplemental neighborhoods may have additional assessments
  • The IHCA is required to be named in the listing for any home sale (including condos) as a means to avoid being missed in escrow (additional fees apply)

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Highlands Council: Community non-profit organization, in addition to the Homeowners Association, tasked with building community in Issaquah Highlands. Highlands Council owns and manages the Blakely Hall Community Center, supporting clubs and groups, and hosting special events and programming.  Highlands Council publishes the monthly Connections News and manages all official community-communications including: this website, the weekly e-letter, and social media presence.

Covenant for Community

  • Seller pays Community Enhancement Fee (1/4 of 1% of gross sale price of home at closing)

Community Enhancement Fee exempted when:

  • Transfer is to a co-owner or to a family trust controlled by the owner, or to a surviving spouse or child on the death of the owner
  • Transfer is to an institutional lender pursuant to a mortgage or upon foreclosure of a mortgage
  • Homeowner has received a one-time waiver because they joined the Covenant

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Highlands Fiber Network (HFN): Issaquah Highlands’ community-owned, fiber to the home, optic communication system delivering data, voice, and other advanced communications services to every home in Issaquah Highlands. Dedicated Gig E service is also available!

See Covenant for Community, Chapter 6 – Requires the following fees:                                       

  • Connections Fee – One time (Buyer pays $250 due at closing)
  • Monthly Periodic Fee includes 10/10 Mbps internet service (min. $50/month by homeowner)

Is the Property in a Supplemental Neighborhood?

Many of our neighborhoods have supplemental governing documents that may include additional rules, requirements, and dues.

IHCA Notice of Fees Due at Escrow

Click HERE to read the policy regarding IHCA fees due at escrow:

IHCA Escrow Payoff Notices

 Condominium Management Companies

Click HERE for a roster of the Condominium Management companies in Issaquah Highlands: 

IHCA Condo Management Companies

What are the Rules Regarding Sign Placement?

There are rules about where and how you place your FOR SALE sign on your property and how A-Boards are managed for Open House events.

Click HERE to read the rules and regulations regarding sign placement in Issaquah Highlands:

Rules and Regs regarding For Sale Sign Placement

 A Special Place.

Issaquah Highlands is an URBAN VILLAGE, built densely by design for the preservation of the surrounding open space.  Explore to fully understand the vast array of amenities beyond convenient access to I-90 and an awesome school district – there is SO MUCH MORE!

As the map above indicates, Issaquah Highlands is a beautifully maintained, amenity-packed property with a busy community center that offers FREE activities for all ages, hiking trails, parks, Little Free Libraries, and playgrounds; in addition to the exciting shopping and dining experience at Grand Ridge Plaza and surrounding commercial districts onsite.

Your Community at Work Video

Issaquah Highlands has a unique organizational structure.

Watch this video for a visual presentation of how this beautiful community is governed and connected.