Issaquah Highlands Cross-Cultural Committee

The Issaquah Highlands Cross-Cultural Committee

The Issaquah Highlands Cross-Cultural Committee brings together residents from all backgrounds who have a passion for honoring the diverse cultures that make up Issaquah Highlands. Members of the committee learn from each other; help shape initiatives and the direction of Highlands Council going forward; and work to build a stronger, more welcoming, and inclusive community!

The Cross-Cultural Committee generally meets once each month (virtually) and also holds a monthly movie discussion group. To learn more about the committee and its efforts, please browse the resources below.

Committee Resources

Cross-Cultural Committee Little Free Library Books to Build Inclusivity August 25, 2020 by Lindsey Pinkston

Culture in Issaquah Highlands

Tirumale Family Diwali Homebound Holidays: Keeping Traditions Alight, Virtually October 27, 2020 by Samanyu Tirumale
Jack-o-lanterns Homebound Holidays: A Quarantine Halloween October 21, 2020 by Chelsea Musick
Sweet Potato Pie with Chocolate Almond Crust Homebound Holidays: Enjoy Your Pie and Your Cake, Too September 30, 2020 by Kimberly Kapustein

How to Join

All are welcome!
To join the Cross-Cultural Committee, please contact:
Lindsey Pinkston
(425) 507-1107

Join the Facebook group
Note: Please answer the membership questions to be added to the group.

Upcoming Events

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