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Connections, Issaquah Highlands’ Community Newspaper


For Community, By Community

Issaquah Highlands began over 20 years ago and from the beginning the community enjoyed a strong sense of belonging. This sense was fostered not only by how the urban village was designed, but also by its media, particularly the monthly publication, Connections.

Connections enjoys a steadfastly loyal audience in the Highlands and an ever-growing readership throughout Issaquah. It showcases stories about community, interesting people, Living Green®, high-tech living, and more. It’s a people-oriented publication with the mission to build community in Issaquah Highlands. It even inspires others to do the same in their communities.

Connections arrives in mailboxes in Issaquah Highlands on the first Friday of each month, delivered by First-Class Mail. (It is distributed in greater Issaquah through regular gathering spots, a VIP mailing list, and online.) If readers don’t crack it open straight away, they save it to enjoy with their Saturday morning coffee. Most read it cover to cover in one sitting. And then they keep it until replacing it with next month’s issue.

Recently, there is a tangible up-tick in readership in this community of more than 10,000 people. Issaquah Highlanders have been quite dialed in during the COVID-19 emergency, participating in social media engagements more than ever, and showing a deeper fondness for the local news Connections brings in print.

The advertising in Connections is a blend of commercial promotions and community outreach. This combination keeps content fresh and interesting. Commercial advertising is designed especially for local businesses. The pricing is quite affordable, intended simply to cover Highlands Council’s costs.

Pricing begins at $150/month for a business card-style ad and tops at $950/month for a full page. There are discounts for three, six and twelve-month contracts. For an additional fee, advertisers can have a link embedded in the online reader. Design services are offered with any six-month or longer ad contract. Connections pricing is very easy to comprehend, using common measurements and set pricing, see details here>>.

Now is the time to secure your space in the ever popular graduation issue in June. This year, the graduation issue will be even more cherished as it endeavors to fill the gap of canceled formal graduation ceremonies. In July, the editorial focus is on homeowner issues and in August, the Development Update issue. This annual feature puts the status of all construction projects in Issaquah Highlands in one place – news that impacts the entire region.

To learn more about Issaquah Highlands and Connections, please contact Editor Nina Milligan at or 425-507-1111. Consider this timely opportunity to boost your business after the stay-at-home order is lifted, and even better to share information about businesses that provide convenient and valuable offerings, with or without stay-at-home restrictions.