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IHCA Board of Directors Update January 2021

IHCA Board of Directors Update: January 2021

The Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) Board of Directors held their first meeting of the year on January 25. Watch the video for a full recap from Elizabeth Gregg, board representative for District 4 and Daphne Park resident. January updates include: The IHCA is working with the city of Issaquah...
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Ask Kari Issaquah Highlands

Ask Kari: On Dating and Intimacy

By Connections
Dear Kari, My partner wants us to continue living together, but not get married. I want to get married and have a family. How can we come to an agreement? – Wanting More Dear Wanting More, First, take time to personally reflect on what exactly you want in the relationship...
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Michelle Enebo and Dr. Brenna Born, M.D. Swedish Issaquah

2020 Community Hero Award: Michelle Enebo

By General
Michelle Enebo In a virtual awards ceremony last week, Central Park resident, Michelle Enebo, was awarded the 2020 Community Hero Award by the city of Issaquah. Highlands Council nominated Michelle for the award in recognition of her extraordinary efforts to raise money to provide Swedish Issaquah staff with meals and...
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