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About this Issue: The IHCA slogan is “maintaining community,” a poetic way of describing how our community is strengthened through property maintenance. Indeed, it is! I bet you burst with pride, as I do, when you re-enter the community after being away on a trip, or even away at work in Seattle or Bellevue. The lush greenery, the well-maintained homes, the active parks – – all this fills me with pride for Issaquah Highlands! I hope you are enjoying your summer in this park-filled, walkable and well-designed community. The homeowner’s association works very hard all year long to make sure you enjoy living here all year long.

About this Issue: Every year at this time I exclaim in this Letter from the Editor my joy in collecting graduation announcements from the community. This year it has been even better – we got twice as many announcements as ever before! And a great number of the announcements were about kids who, if not born here, grew up here. These announcements are becoming a story of our legacy. Also in this issue, we bring you this month’s honored volunteer, a hard-working young man, the last of the school year’s news, and photos from recent gatherings in Issaquah Highlands.

About this Issue: From Nina Milligan, editor of Connections: “Ok, full disclosure: Larry Norton and his wife Sue are two of my closest friends. We met as neighbors in 2004, in Crofton Springs and bonded over our love of community. Back then Issaquah Highlands was still taking shape. We all chipped in, hoping our contributions would help the community blossom.

And I must say, with the help of Larry’s volunteer contributions, the community has most certainly bloomed and thrived. Thank you so much, my friend, for all you do for this community. Read about Larry’s inspiring Issaquah Highlands journey on page 5.”

About this Issue: Welcome to this year’s “Living Green” issue created by the Highlands Council team to support resident Aline Bloch’s efforts to share Living Green. Beginning on page 5, Aline shares with us her approach to sustainability, an approach that can be as easy as hummingbird sips. Vicki Grunewald, Highlands Council Digital Marketing Coordinator, designed this cover and the feature story, inspired by Aline Bloch’s story.

At Highlands Council, our fundamental mission is to build community. We focus our energies on this every day. Connections is one of the main ways we endeavor to bring the community directly to you. With this month’s issue, we showcase our annual community survey. Please enjoy reviewing the results of last year’s survey, and the path to this year’s, starting on page 5.

At Highlands Council, our fundamental mission is to build community. We focus our energies on this every day. Connections is one of the main ways we endeavor to bring the community directly to you. With this month’s issue, we showcase our annual community survey. Please enjoy reviewing the results of last year’s survey, and the path to this year’s, starting on page 5.

At Highlands Council, our fundamental mission is to build community. We focus our energies on this every day. Connections is one of the main ways we endeavor to bring the community directly to you. With this month’s issue, we showcase our annual community survey. Please enjoy reviewing the results of last year’s survey, and the path to this year’s, starting on page 5.

The Connections team scheduled a photo shoot on a beautiful autumn day to take a photo of the three couples who moved into the first homes in Issaquah Highlands. The day was sunny until we all gathered at house #1. Darkening clouds rolled in dropping rain precisely during the thirty-minute scheduled shoot. By adding umbrellas, we had the photo perfect for an early December publication. Photo by Julie Clegg. Photographer umbrella held, and encouragement provided, by Vicki Grunewald.

Vicki Grunewald, Graphic Designer for Highlands Council designed this cover from the marketing material she developed for the Shop Local Bazaar at Blakely Hall. Vicki partnered with Lindsey Pinkston, Highlands Council’s Community Program Manager and Shop Local Bazaar co-founder, to design a festive poster, one that demonstrates the fun to be had at the Bazaar. New this year: a special visit from Santa!

Throughout this issue of Connections, you will find inspiration to get prepared for emergencies. There are many ways to get started and just as many to expand and improve your preparedness. I am so impressed with the neighbors profiled in these pages, and the helpful information they provide. Their dedication to community is something this community is known for, and a great benefit in calling Issaquah Highlands home, especially during an emergency.

We dedicate this issue of Connections to a “Back to Business” theme, inspired by a suggestion from Highlands Council Board of Trustees member David Ngai. Expanding on David’s ideas about how Blakely Hall could be used more by those who work from home, Lindsey Pinkston, Blakely Hall manager, developed Telecommute Tuesdays. If you work from home, join us on Tuesdays for coffee and treats sponsored by Highlands Fiber Network (HFN).

We also bring you a new look this month in Connections news. Our Creative Coordinator, Julie Clegg applied her skills and talents to refreshing the design of our pages, increasing visual interest, readability and focus (she is a photographer, after all!). We hope this refreshed design promotes the mission of Connections news in fostering a caring and vibrant community in Issaquah Highlands.

This year, Highlands Day celebrates 20 years of people living in Issaquah Highlands. It is a birthday, of sorts. Issaquah Highlands started at Ashland Park and so did the annual community festival. Now Highlands Day is celebrated at Village Green and Blakely Hall.

I hope to celebrate with you 20 years of Issaquah Highlands at Highlands Day, Saturday, August 25 from noon to 4pm!

About the cover: The birthday party theme was rehearsed earlier in the summer with a pop up, flash mob, aerial-photo-shoot at Village Green with neighbors sporting birthday costume. Little Fiona Moffat was having so much fun she just had to lay in the grass to party on. Photo credit: Heather Moffat.

About the Cover

The cover photo was taken by community volunteer, Scott Moffat. Scott is a long-time resident of Manchester Court and runs the Issaquah Highlands Photography Club. When we asked him to send a drone camera into the sky for aerial photos, he was as eager as ever to do it.

Thank you, Scott, for this fabulous photo, and for the other aerial shots we have used in many other important situations this year.

Happy summer, everyone!

About the Cover

This month’s cover was put together by Highlands Council photographer, Julie Clegg and the graduating class of the HY (Highlands Youth) Board. Issaquah High School graduating seniors Elias Kazemi, Andie Kolasinski, Dil Thiagarajan and Deon Lillo put on their college shirts and their sunglasses to exemplify how bright the future looks for the Issaquah Highlands class of 2018. The photo was taken at the public outlook in the Brownstones neighborhood, on the corner of Discovery and Highlands Drives.

Hooray for the Graduates!

About the Issue

In this our annual park and trails issue, we guide you to a few “local treasures” on your next Highlands hike. Take pages 15-18 with you! We’ve designed these pages as a pull-out, with a map. Stroll to destinations celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Issaquah Highlands has been a community, or go on the Ultimate Photo Treasure Hunt. Like the monthly column, volunteer Chelsea Musick showcases special treasures around the Highlands that you might not have noticed before.

About the Cover

This lovely photo was taken by Highlands Council photographer (and layout designer for Connections news) Julie Clegg. I love this glimpse into family life of Julie’s husband James, yellow lab Banjo and son Easton enjoying a stroll along a trail in the Dahlia Park neighborhood.

About the Issue

To encourage conversation around diversity and inclusion, we bring you month’s feature story showcasing a special event at the YWCA Family Village’s lovely community hall. This event explores art and racial justice. Local event producer, Brianna Eigner and local pastor, Brian Carr, teamed up to create this event, Activism Through Art, on April 26th at 6:30pm. Details begin on page 5.

About the Cover

This evocative painting of Billie Holiday is called “Dignity” by Seattle artist, Delton Mosby. Mosby will perform live painting at the Activism Through Art reception. This is just an excerpt of the full work (22” by 28”), which is represented on page 5 and on display at Blakely Hall in the exhibition called (in)Habit. See more about this work on page 7.

About the Cover

This photo was taken by a Crofton Springs party-goer at their annual “block” party. Crofton Springs enjoys a lot of shared park-like spaces between the walk in homes, perfect for a neighborhood gathering.

A sense of belonging, togetherness and safety: that’s basically what you said “community” meant to you in the Annual Community Survey in January. For some, just one simple word that described “community.” For others, it took several. And you had just as many words for how to foster a sense of community as you had for describing it.

Communities can be found online, in the office, at school and at many other “places.” For me, the most satisfying community is the one I find at home. When we lived in Crofton Springs, we embraced our next-door neighbors right away. We quickly fell into a routine of an open-door policy, meaning if the front door is open, you can walk right in. We exchanged house keys and traded cat-sitting. We took turns hosting Happy Hour. With all this practice, we felt well-equipped to arrange the annual neighborhood party, a block party of sorts.

This lifestyle feeds my soul. But that’s not all neighbors do for us. Neighbors can help in household repair, in times of illness or injury, and when you need a cup of sugar. Neighbors can be the first to arrive and help in an emergency. To me, the reciprocity of neighbors is the foundation of a strong community.

What does community mean to you? Do you want more of it in your life? I would venture to say that no matter what community means to you, you have to make it. It does not make itself. Lucky you! You have Highlands Council to lend a hand, like a good neighbor. See our feature story beginning on page 5 for ideas and inspiration.

About the Cover

Issaquah Highlands welcomed its first residents in 1998 and has been growing ever since. With almost constant development (except during those few recession years), Issaquah Highlands has experienced constant change.

We illustrated this change by comparing two  photos on the cover of  February’s Development issue. The first photo is from our archives, a 2003 view looking up Park Drive at 18th Ave NE. The second photo, from about the same angle, was taken by Manchester Court resident and volunteer photographer, Scott Moffat, using his drone.

While our physical views of our community have changed, the view of what Issaquah Highlands could be hasn’t. We always hoped for a fully-realized urban village, a self-sustaining community providing “live, work and play” opportunities. How will the final properties be developed? Will they fulfill this vision?

We get closer to answering those questions in this issue of Connections, the Development Update.

About the Cover

Twenty years ago, Issaquah Highlands’ first residents moved into their homes with land movers and home builders buzzing about. As we head into 2018, we’ll celebrate our twentieth anniversary as a community, and our community is busier than ever. More than 10,000 people now live in Issaquah Highlands; Even more work and/or play here. With future development, there will come more new neighbors.

With this hustle and bustle comes a surge of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, sharing our roads and sidewalks. This part of living “in community” is not always easy. By partnering with the City of Issaquah, we’re tackling driver and pedestrian safety by working to change driver and pedestrian behaviors. Find out more in our feature story, Drive with Care, Walk Aware, as well as in other stories this month.

Photo by Julie Clegg.

About the Cover:

Highlands Council photographer and Dahlia Park resident, Julie Clegg, captured this quintessential image of Highlands home-life during last winter’s snowstorm. The cool colors of winter are offset by the warm, yellow door, which to me seems very inviting. “Come on inside!” it says. “We would be delighted to have you as our guest.”

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays, whichever you celebrate, wherever you celebrate them.

About the Cover:

This month’s theme of “Thanks and Giving” provided many options to focus on in November. Ultimately, we were inspired by the giving spirit of Club Inclusive’s donation drive (see page 4). This club’s gesture completely captures our theme of Thanks and Giving.

About the Cover:

The community Diwali celebration on October 21st was the creation of this team of ladies, the core of the India Culture Club. They worked tirelessly for months to create a beautiful and meaningful Diwali event at Blakely Hall. Our staff photographer, Julie Clegg, created this shot, with the help of Blakely Hall Coordinator, Brianna Eigner. The team was invited to attend one of their planning meetings at Blakely Hall in their Diwali finest dresses so that we could capture one of the most vivid elements of their celebration.

About the Cover:

This month’s cover and feature spread was designed by our own Vicki Grunewald (Highlands Council’s Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Coordinator). It was inspired by the marketing she designed for our monthly Candidate Forums.  The cover is very personal, just like local politics.

About the Cover:

This month’s cover was designed by our own Vicki Grunewald (Highlands Council’s Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Coordinator). As you can see, it is based on this year’s Highlands Day poster. Highlands Day is the community’s biggest and most spectacular event attracting 3-5,000 attendees. The marketing images for this year’s festival began with a medieval theme (knights, castles, etc.) and then took on a fairy tale theme for the kids, one we thought blended well with castles and the like.

About the Cover:

Resident Shubha Tirumale recently took portraits of the IHCA staff, one of which made this month’s cover. This shot was taken at the bridge between Dahlia Park and North Pond, a favorite photo location.

About the Cover:

On the cover of this issue is one of the prettiest stretches of the Grand Ridge Trail. This photo was taken by the Washington Trails Association (WTA). The WTA is a “non-profit community protecting trails”. WTA volunteers built many of the trails through Grand Ridge Park, and maintain them through the seasons.

Under the cover of today’s parks, there’s history. 100 years ago, Grand Ridge was part of Issaquah’s coal mining industry. The photo peeking out from behind the park is the Grand Ridge Mine’s rugged men, courtesy of Issaquah History Museums.

About the Cover:

Special thanks to Michelle Enebo, a professional photographer and Issaquah Highlands resident, for generously providing the cover photo. Christy Garrard, Highlands Council Executive Director, found this fun photo of hers and asked permission to use it. You might remember Michelle from the September 2015 Back to School issue, with the cute middle-school girls, full of personality.

About the Cover:

It was another miserable day in February when this early morning traffic on I-90 caught my eye. As bad as ever, I thought I’d snap a shot of the back-up with my iPhone as an idea for the cover our upcoming Living Green™ issue of Connections, featuring transit-options for Highlanders. It’s not the highest quality photo, but it captures the mood of sitting in traffic, in its gritty way. Nina Milligan, Connections Editor

About the Cover:

You might recognize this month’s cover. Back in September, we featured the clubs and groups of Issaquah Highlands, arranging group volunteer leaders on the cover as if they were the Brady Bunch. Mike and Pat were in that bunch.

Each year we select a Volunteer of the Year. This year we have two, Mike McMillan and Pat Nell, who founded the Travel Club. We were pleased for an opportunity to re-use this great photo of them.

In September, our staff photographer, Julie Clegg (Dahlia Park), created a photo set with a blank back-drop. This allowed her to capture the subjects alone in the shot. With that, Julie can drop in any background she likes, in this case a map of some faraway place. Can you guess where?

The “inside” cover shot of Mike and Pat was taken by Julie at the Volunteer Appreciation party. For this, Julie chose a colorful setting in the party, the perfect device to show the fun our volunteers had at their party.

About the Cover:

Each February, we publish the Development Update, a report on new construction and development planning in Issaquah Highlands. The theme changes each year. This year we have a lot of construction activity going on, and expect more over the next couple years, thus, the title, “Groundbreaking.” This cover was designed by Highlands Council’s Graphic Designer, Vicki Grunewald. As an IH resident, Vicki is as interested as the rest of us in what is being built in the Highlands. She was impressed by the architectural oversight our homeowners’ association, the IHCA, provides when new buildings are proposed here. This illustration represents the IHCA’s work, described on page 13.

About the Cover:

For this annual Year in Review issue, Julie Clegg (HC Creative Coordinator) put together all the covers from 2016. Julie always does the cover layout and most of the time the images. Credit for cover images go to Julie for January, February, March and May. Vyvian Luu (HC Graphic Designer) gets credit for April, August and November. July’s image is a painting by the late Issaquah artist, Dorothy Bonneau. Vicki Grunewald (HD Digital Media Coordinator) put together Julie’s photos for the September Cover. Tony Cowan submitted the photo for June, Shubha Tirumale for October and December.

About the Cover:

This month’s cover photo of the community Christmas tree was taken in 2015 by Shubha Tirumale, our most prolific volunteer photographer. Well known for her professional photography, Shubha is generous in sharing the beauty she finds in the community. Her cover shot is the tree in Village Green Park with lights sponsored by Highlands Council.

About the Cover:

Our cover was designed by Vyvian Luu, Highlands Council’s staff Graphic Designer who just went off to college this fall. This design is also the poster for Highlands Council’s Veterans Day ceremony at Village Green / Blakely Hall, a short, family-friendly ceremony. Enjoy the feature stories in this issue of Connections honoring our Veterans.

About the Cover:

Thank you, Shubha Tirumale, for the fabulous, spooky, autumn moon in the Highlands! We fell in love with this photo on first sight, adopted it as our cover right away, and held onto it tenaciously, even as our feature story changed over the month.

We had prepared to feature Halloween and Emergency Preparedness in the October issue. Shubha’s photo was ideal. But as we began laying out this issue, our attention was distracted by an uproar over development news. We felt the need to clarify how that news impacts Issaquah Highlands. When we drafted our new headlines on the cover, Shubha’s moon made “development” look scary, which was not our intention at all. It was Christy Garrard’s creativity that came up with “Change is in the Air”, eluding not only to development topics, but preparing for winter and emergencies, even the upcoming elections.

Thanks again, Shubha!

About the Cover: This cover and feature story design was provided by volunteer, Vicki Grunewald. Vicki and her husband have lived in Issaquah Highlands for over four years. Planning to live here a long time, Vicki got to thinking, “How can I ‘tune in’ to my community better?” She decided to volunteer her graphic design talents to Highlands Council. We gave her a task right away: Help us design a Connections feature story that honors our club leaders. She came up with the Brady Bunch theme as it exemplifies, in that 70s way, a large, mixed family. Racy as it was then, and not any more, this is a cute way of thinking about the community that our club leaders create. Brianna Eigner, Blakely Hall Manager and Special Event Coordinator, rallied the club leaders for a photo shoot. Our Creative Coordinator, Julie Clegg set up a studio of sorts in Blakely Hall to capture the spirit of many of our club leaders for this story. Great work, ladies!

About the Cover: Every summer Issaquah Highlands gathers at Village Green Park to celebrate community at their festival “Highlands Day”, now in its 15th year! This year’s cover was once again designed by Highlands Council Graphic Designer, Vyvian Luu. The cover matches the festival posters, inspired by the super hero theme the festival takes on this year.

About the Cover: Our cover this month honors the goats (of course!), and the late artist, Dorothy Bonneau. Dorothy’s art has shown in Blakely Hall numerous times. We even featured Dorothy on the cover of July 2014 Connections. Dorothy’s oil painting on the cover of this month’s Connections of “Emily, Nan & Hortence” is just as engaging as the goats on our hills. Thank you Peter Bonneau, for permission to use Dorothy’s beautiful painting for our cover this month.

About the Cover: Our parks overflow with photographic beauty, attracting photographers from near and  far. But for this cover we were looking for a photo that exuded the joy we experience as park users. This cover photo came by accident from resident Tony Cowan. Knowing his love of mountain biking, I asked him for a shot of him riding in Grand Ridge Park, for another story. Tony sent me several, including this one of his kids and their friends. Our team knew on first glance; this was the cover!

About the Cover: Our staff photographer, Julie Clegg, set up this shot to show how our front porches work, especially those in Manchester Court. This neighborhood is very attractive as it also encircles Village Green Park. Dan Cobb and his dog, Toby, happened by our shot where we had Ami Desai-Mehta and her daughter Anika visiting Lynne Trowern on her porch. He graciously agreed to be part of our photo, exemplifying the neighborliness of Issaquah Highlands.

About the cover: For this year’s Living Green issue, we tasked our in-house graphic designer (and IH resident), Vyvian Luu  with showing you that we value living green and that we were focusing on just one aspect of it: reuse and recycling to avoid sending stuff to the land fill. We think she nailed it! We hope you will enjoy learning about the many and new ways to dispense with unwanted stuff without sending it to the landfill, as well as our other comprehensive community news.

About the cover:  Every year we honor our volunteers with a big party. We eat, drink and make merry while we honor the volunteers of the previous year, this time 2015. We also announce the 2015 Volunteer of the Year award. This prestigious award is bestowed upon that year’s Volunteer of the Month who stood out as the best among the bunch. The community votes to choose the recipient. All of our monthly honorees were great, and received votes, but Gary Ashby received the most votes. This portrait of him, with his date that night, daughter Caitlin, was taken by our Creative Coordinator, the award-winning photographer, Julie Clegg.

About the cover:  This photo was taken by our Creative Coordinator, the award-winning photographer, Julie Clegg. While the editorial team worked on this year’s Development Update, we realized that much hinged on the future of the Bellevue College Property. Though the feature story comprehensively covers all development news in Issaquah Highlands, the most complicated story is that of Bellevue College. Stay tuned to for updates to BC’s plans as they pursue a permanent home in Issaquah, not in the highlands.

About the cover:  This photo is another from the collection of our Creative Coordinator, the award-winning photographer, Julie Clegg. This shot was taken in the Highlands during one of our magical snow storms. The snow dog jumped out at us with excitement and joy. These are our hopes for the community in the new year. Thank you Julie for sharing this photo with us!

About the cover:  Highlands Council graphic designer, Vyvian Luu, designed another beautiful cover highlighting the holidays celebrated in our community.  Take a peek into the windows and see that at no time is the diversity of our community more apparent than the winter holiday season.  Happy Holidays to you and yours from Highlands Council.

About the November 2015 cover:

As we prepared for the 2nd Annual Thank a Neighbor issue of Connections, a heart-warming example of neighborhood gratitude was hitting social media. Heather Moffat was sharing her joy in performing 40 acts of kindness to celebrate her birthday. Her daughter Fiona was a key player in this effort. Heather’s husband Scott captured several cute moments along the way, but this one on our cover best captures Heather and Fiona’s joy in bringing acts of kindness to their neighbors and to perfect strangers. See other AOK photos and Heather’s story alongside quotes of neighbors thanking neighbors.

About the October 2015 cover:   This month we found ourselves awkwardly wanting to combine a little Halloween with our Emergency Preparedness theme. Those two don’t necessary go together, unless you have a sense of humor. Thankfully our staff does! Staff graphic designer, Vyvian Luu started with a haunted house fallen on a wicked witch, a big moon and bats. That witch exemplified not being prepared for an emergency. Somehow the zombies got in the act, and that’s where this cover turned a corner and became the scary and funny cover it is today. Zombies will not be denied, you know.

About the September 2015 cover:  This month’s cover shot by resident Michelle Enebo was staged to illustrate life as a middle-schooler. On the left is Annie Fernstrom and on the right is Kate Enebo.  They are best buds and show how precious friendship is, especially during your teenaged years.

About the cover:  Highlands Council graphic designer, Vyvian Luu, designed all the brand collateral for this year’s Hawaiian-themed Highlands Day, held on Saturday evening, August 29th at Village Green. The images throughout the promotional material and in Connections News hint at the fun to be had at this year’s 18th annual festival. We will see you there!

About the July 2015 cover: Our own graphic designer and photographer, resident Julie Clegg, is a local real estate broker and an internationally acclaimed dog photographer. Her portraits have graced many publications, including covers of the Seattle publication, City Dog. See on our cover this month her portrait of the sweet Westie in the plaza. Not a “City Dog” but an “Urban Village Dog”?

About the June 2015 cover:  About the cover: On the cover this month are the graduating seniors from the HY (Highlands Youth Advisory Board). They are from left to right: Kaila Fung, Larissa Kolasinski, Robyn Davidson and Sahar Kazemi. Our own Julie Clegg produced this shot in Village Green, outside Blakely Hall.

About the May 2015 cover:  We are proud to feature resident mom Lisa Callan, her husband Bryan and son Riley on the cover of our May issue celebrating motherhood.  We all perform life-balancing-acts; add in a kid or two and it becomes a juggling exercise.  Lisa Callan is an extraordinary example; she makes her juggling act look easy though it includes a profuse amount of civic involvement.  Or maybe Lisa looks so relaxed in this beautiful cover shot because of the talented Issaquah Highlands photographer, and fellow-mom, Michelle Enebo, puts her at ease.

About the cover:  Isssaquah Highlands defies assumptions and first impressions. It’s a master-planned community, but unlike any you’ve lived in before. It is an Urban Village, but distinct from the rest. It’s a model for other communities, yet hard to reproduce. Many gears and cogs work together to make Issaquah Highlands uniquely valuable to its residents and businesses. This cover was designed by our own award-winning designer/photographer Julie Clegg, as was the feature story design. Browse these pages to see why Issaquah Highlands is a finely tuned machine.

About the cover: Port Blakely Communities, the founding developer of Issaquah Highlands, built Blakely Hall as gift to the community 10 years ago. The hall is integral to the quality of life this community enjoys. To celebrate the hall’s 10th birthday, Highlands Council staff gave the hall a facelift remodel: new paint, finishes and furnishings. Then our own Julie Clegg performed a premier photo shoot to capture the hall’s best qualities. This issue of Connections showcases a few of those photos. More can be seen HERE.

About the cover:  This month’s cover combines a rendering of The Brownstones by Polygon Homes with the artistic talents of our Creative Coordinator Julie Clegg and our Graphic Designer Vyvian Luu. The team chose this setting because it exemplifies Issaquah Highlands design. Densely built townhomes feature live-work layouts with separate business entrances on the mall. The pedestrian mall provides two equally important elements to the Urban Village design: a public pathway that connects important neighborhoods as well as a place to hang out and be social.

At the last minute, after the Seahawks claimed the NFC Championship, Vyvian drew in a few 12’s in preparation for that very big day in February: Super Bowl Sunday!

About the cover: One way to reflect on the year past is to scan the covers of Connections. We are extremely fortunate to employ the award-winning photographer Julie Clegg for our special photo assignments, from Connections covers to Blakely Hall’s new, remodeled interior. As an IH resident, Julie combines her professional skills with a passion for the community. We all get to enjoy the outcome!

About the cover: Holiday lights in GRP exemplify the season. Given the lead-time required for our publication, we had to ‘stage’ winter on a beautiful, mild fall evening. All models are IH residents. Sue Frank and husband Larry Norton bundled up for center stage. Enessa Olivas with baby Charlize in the stroller follow behind. Jayden Eigner visits with Averil Olivas on the garden bulkhead. Other neighbors duck into Chinoise and wait for Pink-a-bella Cupcakes. A perfect holiday scene!

About the Cover: This month’s “Thank a Neighbor” feature got us all a little hungry at Blakely Hall, not the least our photographer’s son, Jameson. Highlands Council Executive Director, Christy Garrard, roasted a turkey in the Hall’s gourmet kitchen, the lovely holiday scent wafting into every office and meeting room. Though it may be hard to get kids to do anything these days, Jameson was ready and willing to pose for a cover shot, if it meant he could claim, and eat, the drumstick. Mother, and our award-winning photographer, Julie Clegg (Dahlia Park) had the unique challenge of keeping her subject clean for the shot, a successful effort, for the most part. Daylight from the big dining room windows supported a bit of flash to brighten up this already bright-with-joy face. Happy Thanksgiving!

Issy the Witch of Issaquah Highlands first surfaced in Village Green and then found her way into our Halloween festival and into our hearts. She epitomizes the volunteer spirit in Issaquah Highlands, in a ghoulish kind of way.  Get to know Issy better through this month’s Resident Profile on the next to the last page (as always) and enjoy it with your children. This cover shot is another fantastic creation of our own Julie Clegg (Highlands Council, Dahlia Park), but we must also credit Highlands Council’s Brianna Eigner and Vyvian Luu for helping Issy with her costume and make up. Many poses were tried but we settled on this oblique reference to “Wicked” as our favorite.

Clockwise from top, all Issaquah Highlands residents: Tyler Milligan, Mohamed Osman, Emily Yoon, Larissa Kolasinski and Jadyn Eigner.

The cover was shot again by our own, Julie Clegg. Resident Issaquah High School students brought their school “colors” to Central Park for a “spirit photo” on a perfect day in August. The challenge was to convey action and emotion in a still shot. Julie combined props, colors and facial expressions to craft an image that definitely says, “GO ISSAQUAH!” Doesn’t it make you want to go to an IHS football game?

About the cover: This issue honors our pets while addressing less pleasant realities… Our humorous cover shot turns that situation on its ear. The dog is putting the pressure on its owner, in an irresistible way, to be a good neighbor. This Rhodesian Ridgeback, Henry, was visiting Issaquah Highlands for a special photo shoot with our International award-winning staff photographer, Julie Clegg.  Julie inspired this expression using simple noises. She was delighted to capture Henry giving a look that can mean so many things, such as, “Are you gonna pick that up?” Visit for more loveable pet portraits.

The July cover celebrates Highlands Day as it does the arts in Issaquah Highlands. Dorothy Bonneau posed for this shot on the trail that circles Swedish Hospital. She is on the east side, facing south. This provided an alluring perspective of the trail and its direction, as well as a stunning view of Tiger Mountain in the distance. Julie’s treatment of the photo blends Dorothy’s painting into the main image. This image is used throughout Highlands Day promotional material.

The cover photo celebrates Father’s Day by showing one Issaquah Highlands Family, Jeffrey Chang and his children Justin and Jasmine. Julie Clegg was once again staged this great shot, taken of the family posing at their business, TCBY/Mrs. Fields. The challenge with this shoot was the colorfully lit interior at TCBY. But Julie managed it well, bringing the faces of this family to the front with the use of well-placed lighting. Please enjoy a short story about the Changs as well as one about the Mullets who also own an IH family business, Zeek’s Pizza, right across the street!

About the cover: Our own Julie Clegg produced this shot of Issaquah Highlands moms in front of Blakely Hall. The early spring day provided a blue, cloud puffed sky above the distant trees of Grand Ridge. All the mothers invited for the shoot enthusiastically participated. All are familiar faces at Highlands happenings and volunteering. Read their stories about building community – mom style – in the feature story on page 6.

The Cover: Designed by our own Julie Clegg, the photo was taken by Marc Steingrebe. Marc is a long-time resident who volunteers in many capacities from trails building and maintenance to starting up the IH Mountain Bike Club. The logo was designed, and the slogan trademarked, by Port Blakely Communities, the founding master developer of Issaquah Highlands.

About the cover and feature layout: Creative Coordinator, Julie Clegg felt the image of our firefighters was the single most emblematic for emergency. All agreed! Though we are focusing on content about Emergency Preparedness, these champions of Emergency Response inspire us on many levels.

About the Cover: Here is another great cover by our Creative Coordinator, Julie Clegg. With the unseasonably warm weather this January, Julie was able to snap this picture in a way to depict an optimistic outlook for the Issaquah Highlands property featured in the article titled “Field of Dreams”. Read about the old Microsoft property and other upcoming developments in Issaquah Highlands on pages 6-7.

About the Cover: The cover and the New Year spread are original work from our Creative Coordinator, Julie Clegg. She took dozens of our photos in 2013, reproduced them in strings, then rendered them semi-transparent to create the background. She took the same pool of images, reproduced in strings, changed the angle and allowed them to show through the numbers and letters. It’s a magical process that she also employed in the spread. The order of significance of the 2013 events was decided by our editorial team (a very interesting exercise). Julie took that information and interpreted it visually. I think you will “get the picture”.

About the Cover:  Though the cinema opened in June, it took through November for Grand Ridge Plaza to have enough of its merchants open to celebrate the Grand Opening. This cover was our grand opening. Our photog Julie Clegg searched the plaza for the view that epitomized the entire experience.  Staging Brianna and Shanna with food and beverage on the Big Fish patio framed our community’s collective happiness that our business district was finally here.

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