Issaquah Highlands Community Fund 501(c)(3)

A community foundation supporting and enhancing educational, environmental, and cultural opportunities consistent with the community building goals of Highlands Council.


To fund initiatives that support community life in Issaquah Highlands around four key areas:

  • Living Green™
  • Staying technology forward as a community
  • Leadership development for youth and adults for civic and community service
  • Community engagement in arts and culture

The Issaquah Highlands Community Fund (IHCF) hopes to build an endowment over time that will provide college scholarships to Issaquah Highlands graduates who plan to major in one of the four key areas mentioned above.


In March 2020, Issaquah Highlands received 501(c)(3) status with the state of Washington (Federal IRS still pending) for the IHCF  a foundation with a goal to broaden our ability to fund solutions to community needs that our 501(c)(4) status at Highlands Council does not allow.

Originally drafted in 2003 by Issaquah Highlands master developer, Port Blakely Communities, upon the formation of Highlands Council, created a document that outlined the organizational structure of Issaquah Highlands including the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA), Highlands Fiber Network (HFN), Highlands Council, and a Highlands Foundation targeted for the future.

Next Steps

In the weeks and months ahead, we will build out the IHCF Board of Directors, formalize a mission and vision statement, and collaborate on a strategic plan that will best serve our community.

In Progress

The IHCF is already busy at work! In partnership with Highlands Council, the IHCF is currently researching transportation solutions for the community to reduce trips by car and support our mobility challenged neighbors. We aim to develop and fund a community shuttle program to serve within the boundaries of Issaquah Highlands that would provide transportation to and from Blakely Hall and surrounding businesses, Grand Ridge Plaza, Swedish Hospital, the businesses at Discovery Heights, and to the Issaquah Highlands Park-and-Ride. We envision the shuttle service to be a community amenity that all residents will enjoy, from seniors to teens, visiting relatives and those without other means of transportation, renters and homeowners.

For more information contact Christy Garrard at 425-507-1110,

Meeting Minutes



Founding Board of Directors

Christy Garrard, President
Allen Enebo, Vice President/Secretary
Michele McFarland, Treasurer
Kimberly Kapustein, Member


Christy Garrard

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