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We have two locations in the community! One set of garden patches can be found west of Black Nugget Park and north of Trail Head Vista; we call these patches the Vista Gardens. The other set can be found inside theSunset Walk neighborhood across from Fire Station 73; and are called the Sunset Walk Patches.

MANAGEMENT:   Highlands Council supports the Community Garden Committee, welcoming new gardeners to the Sunset Walk and Vista Community garden patches and encouraging ALL gardening lovers to participate in occasional meetings, seminars, and social gatherings.

RENEWAL SEASON: Current gardeners in good standing may renew their patch annually in January.   Residents on the waiting list are offered non-renewed patches the first week of February.

Garden Patch Rent Rates are: 

  • $75 for Sunset Walk Gardeners
  • $100 for Vista Gardeners

ALL Gardeners are also required to contribute volunteer hours annually to the maintenance of the community gardens.  Vista Gardeners may buy-out of the 8 volunteer hours required for an additional $100. Sunset Walk Gardeners may buy-out of the 4 volunteer hours required for an additional $75. These buy-out fees will be applied to pay for contracted maintenance services for the Community Garden location.

Checks are made payable to Highlands Council and mailed or delivered to Blakely Hall at 2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah, 98029. Your cancelled check is your receipt. Gardeners who renew by January 31 will be able to remain in their current patch, or can request to be moved based on available space.

Not Renewing your Garden Patch? Gardeners who will not renew are encouraged to let us know so those on the waiting list can be notified. Gardeners who are not renewing need to have their patches cleaned up and ready for the next gardener no later than the first Monday after renewal deadline.

The Waiting List Interested in securing a Community Garden Patch? Complete the form below.  In early February each year non-renewed patches will be made available to those on the waiting list.

Read the 2020 Community Garden Rules and Regulations >>


For questions about the community garden, please contact:

Lindsey Pinkston
Community Program Manager, Highlands Council

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