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What is the Future of Issaquah Highlands? 

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By Nina Milligan, Communications Manager, Highlands Council The City of Issaquah hosted a meeting at Blakely Hall on Thursday, November 7, inviting all interested parties to discuss how future development might best serve the needs of Issaquah Highlands. Top leaders including Issaquah’s Mayor, Mary Lou Pauly, and Keith Niven, Director...
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UVDC Recommends Approval of Parcel D Residential

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by Nina Milligan, Highlands Council Communications Manager On Tuesday, December 18, 2018 the City of Issaquah, Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC) recommended approval of the proposed single-family residential development on Parcel D in the Issaquah Highlands. Approval of such plat applications is a two-step process; next it goes to the...
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