Crossing Paths with Carnivores

Crossing Paths with Carnivores

An Issaquah Highlands Adventure

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Embark on an exciting path of discovery and play a new scavenger hunt game in Issaquah Highlands using your smartphone! Highlands Council partnered with Woodland Park Zoo’s Carnivore Coexistence Action Team to develop a 12-stop adventure called “Crossing Paths with Carnivores” that will lead you to find clues, solve puzzles, and complete adventures one location at a time. The journey highlights interesting locations in Issaquah Highland while providing players with information about local carnivores and tips on what you can do to keep your family safe when unexpected encounters occur.

Start playing “Crossing Paths with Carnivores” on your smartphone today!


How to Play:

Play the “Crossing Paths with Carnivores” game using the Geocaching Adventure Lab app by Groundspeak, Inc. It requires a free account to log in and play. Create an account and download the app to get started!

You can visit the twelve locations in any order over days or even months; however, the game was designed to be done in one outing if desired and avoids major hills (the course is not flat). It takes about an hour and a half to two hours to walk the entire route, but it would also be fun by bike or scooter.

We recommend starting your adventure at the Grand Ridge Trailhead, just a few steps onto the trail at the south end of South Pond in Central Park. Follow the map in the app from stop-to-stop, answering clues and learning facts along the way. Parking is available near the Vista Trailhead (along Park Drive) or at the southeast side of Central Park by the tennis courts.

Once you complete all 12 stops, be sure to take a screen capture of your app showing you finished and submit it using the form below. We’ll be giving away a variety of prizes each month from April through September. Don’t worry; once you’ve entered, you’ll be eligible for any remaining drawings without having to resubmit!


April 15 – Winner: Kathryn W.
$25 Out of the Box Eco-Store gift certificate

May 15 – Winner: Timothy W.
Issaquah Alps Trail Club package

June 15 – Winner: Andie K.
Issaquah Ice Cream Trike gift certificates

July 15 – Winner: Jane L.
Woodland Park Zoo Raccoon Adoption package

August 15 – Winner: Eisha E.
University House gift basket

September 15
Custom-etched Issaquah Highlands glassybaby

Coexisting with Carnivores is a school and community engagement program, co-facilitated by Woodland Park Zoo, Issaquah School District, and the city of Issaquah focused on community-developed strategies to prevent human-wildlife conflict in the region and foster a sense of pride for local wildlife. This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services MA-20-17-0480-17.

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