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August Volunteer of the Month: Aline Bloch

By August 8, 2019Connections
Aline Bloch Issaquah Highlands Volunteer
Aline Bloch Issaquah Highlands

Volunteer of the Month, Aline, at home with her children, Erinn (top back), Rafael and Zoe.

Moving to the USA 11 years ago with my husband and our kids has been a real adventure as well as a challenge (sometimes). When leaving family, friends and roots behind, it can be very easy to lose your way and feel like an outsider. However, we have been pleasantly surprised with the level of community spirit in the area. Everybody was so kind, helpful and culturally open-minded. We found ourselves a new home.

To me, it became natural to do my part and give back to my new neighbors. Sharing, advocating and spicing people’s life with joy is a part of my personality.

This community helped me find my path and become fulfilled in so many ways.

As an art docent at Grand Ridge Elementary and as a décor volunteer leader during Highlands Day, I unleashed my creativity and my interests for green events and recycled materials. In joining the volunteer writer’s team for the Connections newspaper for the “Living Green” section, I share my passion and learnings about sustainable living. I have also organized fun and instructive events, meeting great people and together contributing to a positive environmental impact.

As published in August 2019 Connections