Ask the IHCA: January 2020

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Ask the IHCA

This Month: New Fences, Register Your Renters

The “Ask the IHCA” monthly column appears in the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) section of Connections almost every month. The primary purpose of the IHCA is to preserve, maintain, enhance, and protect the value of property and amenities in the community in accordance with the governing documents. Here are a few of the most popular questions asked recently using the “Ask the IHCA” web form.

The south-west side of my property is not fenced. I want to get it fenced. What is the procedure for getting it done? How does the maintenance of the fence that is shared between two neighbors work?

An Architectural Review Committee (ARC) application is required for any changes to your property. The IHCA has a specific ARC application for fences at on our website which includes pre-approved fence styles and a color pallet. Normally, neighbors share in the expense on fences abutting property lines. However, if your neighbor does not want to split the cost, you can still install a fence on your property only. You just need to ensure it does not encroach on their property.

I’ll be renting out my townhouse on Magnolia St. and would like to know who I need to contact to make sure I follow all the rules.

Thank you for contacting us. All owners and renters are required to follow IHCA rules. All of the IHCA governing documents, including Use Restrictions and Rules and the Community Wide Standards apply and can be found on the community website at here. We recommend you have your renters sign a statement of understanding and acceptance of Issaquah Highlands rules as part of your lease agreement. Please also register your renters with the IHCA office and provide an off-site address for owner correspondence.

The IHCA is happy to receive all of your inquires and are here to help. Submit your question to Ask the IHCA >>

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