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Ask the IHCA: August 2020

By August 7, 2020Connections, IHCA
Ask the IHCA

This Month: Enforcing Community Wide Standards, Exterior Paint, Pergolas

The “Ask the IHCA” monthly column appears in the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) section of Connections almost every month. The primary purpose of the IHCA is to preserve, maintain, enhance, and protect the value of property and amenities in the community in accordance with the governing documents. Here are a few of the most popular questions asked recently using the “Ask the IHCA” web form.

There are many homes in my neighborhood with front yards that do not meet the community’s minimum requirements for appearance. Who from our homeowner’s association is responsible for reviewing and contacting these homeowners?

Site inspections are performed weekly by the IHCA’s community managers. The entire community is driven and reviewed for a rotation of different community rules. Homeowners are notified by email and postal mail of any items that do not meet the Community Wide Standards, first with a reminder and then escalated as needed. Any duration of absenteeism from the unit does not relieve the owner of the responsibility to comply with the rules or constitute a waiver of fines assessed for violations. See the IHCA’s Use Restrictions and Rules for the full enforcement of the rules.

How do I know when our house should be painted? Could someone come by and inspect it?

Per the Community Wide Standards, paint standards state that house trim (fascia boards, railings, and doors) and body (siding) must be maintained on a regular basis to avoid degradation in the form of peeling, cracked, missing, see-thru or sun-faded paint. Re-painting must take place when 15% of the total area demonstrates degradation.

We have a pergola on our kitchen patio and want to install a fiberglass screen on top of it to protect our patio furniture and make the area weatherproof. Can we install a fiberglass screen on top of the pergola?

A request like this would need to be submitted to the IHCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for approval. The ARC Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month and applications are due seven days prior to the meeting to be included in the agenda. You can find the ARC application here.

The IHCA is happy to receive all of your inquires and are here to help. Submit your question to Ask the IHCA >>

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