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Art at Blakely Hall: Dorothy Bonneau, A Retrospective

Dorothy Bonneau – A Retrospective

Dorothy Bonneau poses for Connections cover, July 2014.

Blakely Hall Exhibit
January 24th – April 4th
Open M-F, 8am – 5pm 

Artist Reception
Wednesday, February 1st, 6pm
Blakely Hall, Issaquah Highlands

artEAST and Highlands Council are honored to pay tribute to the life and artwork of Dorothy Bonneau, a remarkable artist with an extensive body of work in many mediums.

Dorothy had a strong background in portraiture, which gave personality to her subjects, such as chickens and barnyard animals, that became signature work for her at the artEAST Gallery.  She won awards for her landscape work and her paintings were sought after throughout the Northwest.

Dorothy Bonneau passed away on the eve of May 22nd  2016 after a lingering illness. Through her final months her painting became even more important to her.  When her energy faded, the line and strokes in her work became even more animated and her color choices became brighter.

Dorothy painted with a joy and brightness that touched many people as she decorated the dark with color and light.

Please see the artEAST web site for an online catalog of more works for sale from her vast collection (over 70 pieces listed).

Gendarme, Happy Birthday Pig 2, and Moonwalk & Chatterbox, by Dorothy Bonneau.