Highlands Day

Highlands Day Festival 2017

Highlands Day 2017

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Once Upon a Highlands Day…. Once upon a time, in a village on a hillside in the land of Issaquah, the people declared, “Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  The 26th day of the month of August, in the year of two-thousand-seventeen, has been pronounced Highlands Day!” Royalty, knights, jesters and the like…

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Highlands Day Illustration Jack Tillman

Local Artist Re-imagines Highlands Day in Ink

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In his first publication in Connections, local high school student and illustrator, Jack Tillman, re-imagined the Village Green at Highlands Day as our very own fairy tale kingdom (see complete illustration below). Can you find the entire cast of magical characters & creatures Jack drew roaming around the festival? As...
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Volunteer of the Month: Gary Ashby

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(Gary working at Highlands Day in 2014 with Dr. Shadi and Dr. Ray from Highlands Dentistry, also volunteering.) I was very fortunate as a child to be raised by parents who felt strongly about serving in the community. They felt it was important to volunteer in the community because it helps create…

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