Good News from the Issaquah School District! In a final decision on boundary lines affecting elementary school children – all of Issaquah Highlands elementary-age children, including those at West Highlands Park, will remain together at Grand Ridge Elementary. The Issaquah School District recently approved new school boundaries that will impact Issaquah Highlands residents. The revisions, which will come into effect in the 2010-2011 school year, were initiated to address shifting and growing student populations across the district. Other aspects of the revisions included the planned elementary on the Sammamish Plateau and the conversion of the Pacific Cascade Freshman Campus to a middle school.

Grand Ridge Elementary School was included in the revisions, which will affect a total of 16 schools in the District. While no elementary age children from Issaquah Highlands will move schools, children from the Overdale Park community who currently attend Grand Ridge will be moved to Clark Elementary School, and West Highlands children will be moved from Clark to Grand Ridge.

It is anticipated that these changes will ease over-crowding at Grand Ridge, which will likely experience a reduction in attendance from approximately 800 students to approximately 500 students. Traffic issues on Park Drive in the area of Grand Ridge Elementary may also be alleviated as fewer students will be driven by car to the school. No high school boundaries will be changed under the revisions and with one exception, no schools will split student populations when they move from elementary to middle and high school. Older children from Issaquah Highlands are scheduled to go to Pacific Cascade Middle School and then attend Issaquah High School.

All revisions are posted on the District’s Web site where families can input their Zip code to determine which school students will attend.