The Highlands Council
Our mission: to foster the development of a vibrant and caring community committed to service, diversity, and well-being.


Your Community At Work April 2015The Highlands Council is a non-profit organization in Issaquah Highlands with the mission to “foster the development of a vibrant and caring community committed to service, diversity, and well-being.” Though we work closely with your community association (HOA), we are not a part of the IHCA. The Highlands Council manages Blakely Hall, official communications, and social programming in Issaquah Highlands. We also organize many volunteers, clubs, and committees.

Highlands Council owns Highlands Fiber Network. 

The Highlands Council affairs are governed by the Board of Trustees, each member with one equal vote. Two Council Trustees must be homeowners in Issaquah Highlands, two Trustees must represent multi-family housing under covenant in Issaquah Highlands, and two Trustees must be a stakeholders of Issaquah Highlands retail/commercial entities. The Trustees are appointed and the positions are self-perpetuating.

Direct questions about Highlands Council to Christy Garrard, Executive Director at or 425-507-1110.


If you have any questions or would like further information about the Highlands Council, Connections Newspaper, or Blakely Hall, contact us directly – we’re easy to reach. Office located at 2550 NE Park Drive, Issaquah WA 98029 (Inside Blakely Hall).

Christy Garrard

Executive Director


Nina Milligan

Communications Manager


Brianna Eigner

Blakely Hall Marketing Manager & Special Event Consultant


Michele McFarland

Finance Manager & Office Administrator


Julie Clegg

Creative Coordinator


Vicki Grunewald

Graphic Design& Digital Marketing Coordinator


Board of Trustees

Larry Norton, President

Board of Trustees, Officers

Patrick Byers, Vice President

Ray Besharati, Treasurer

Philip Nored, Secretary

Board of Trustees, Members

Ami Desai-Mehta

Fred Nystrom

Jody Turner

Covenants, By-Laws, Budget & FAQ

Covenant for Community

Amended 2013

Bylaws of Highlands Council

Amended and Restated 2013

Budget of Highlands Council

Approved 2017-18

Frequently Asked Questions About Highlands Council

Highlands Council Meeting Minutes

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