Drive with Care, Walk Aware

Traffic & Pedestrian Safety in Issaquah Highlands

Issaquah Highlands is taking on traffic and pedestrian safety in our community

Highlands Council worked with the City of Issaquah to identify ways that we could facilitate the change in traffic safety our community is asking for. We decided to take on a traffic safety campaign employing education and social pressure to improve traffic safety.

Learn more about the partnership between Issaquah Highlands and the City of Issaquah to improve traffic & pedestrian safety in our community on our blog >

Sign the Pledge

Pledge to “Drive with Care, Walk Aware” in our community and keep your neighbors, friends and family safe. We encourage all drivers to sign.

Tips & Resources

Traffic and pedestrian safety tips and resources adults and kids, including walking to school, driving in winter conditions and managing road rage.

Share Our Campaign

Print and digital resources you can use to help spread the word to “slow down,” “drive like you live here,” and “look out before you step out.”

Issaquah Highlands Drive with Care, Walk Aware Traffic Safety Pledge

I pledge to:

  • Drive with care, don’t rush, and watch out for others walking, biking and driving in our community.
  • Drive slower throughout the community — I believe 25 mph is plenty.
  • Stop for pedestrians by coming to a complete stop before the crosswalk, allowing people to cross the street safely.
  • Walk aware as a pedestrian and only cross at crosswalks.
  • Look out before I step out into the crosswalk by making eye contact with drivers before I cross.
  • Drive like I live here — because I do! By driving safe, I will help keep my family, friends and neighbors safe, too.

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Slow Down: Drive like you live here Issaquah Highlands
Drive with Care Issaquah Highlands
Walk Aware Issaquah Highlands

We Pledged, Join Us!

Christy Garrard
Alex Garrard
Nina Milligan
Vicki Grunewald
Calvin Grunewald
Brianna Eigner
Julie Clegg
Michele McFarland
Lindsey Pinkston
Larry Norton
Sue Frank
Kate Bartle
Tim Ryan
Eric Oliner
Nate Perea
Patrick Byers
Gary Ashby
Karl Leigh
Dawn Noland
Cynthia Klenk
Toni Hunter
Melissa Tubbs
Shannon Jallow
Kristin Montagne
Kumarresen Kannadiapalayam
Teresa Cowan
Tony Cowan
Indiana Cowan
Sage Cowan
Cole Cowan
Kim Goodman
Trevor Cook
Shanna Petersen
Alison Eliason
Lynn Ryan
Bob Otis
Sarah Hager
Lily Aguilar
Kelly Rabin
Sarah Venzon
Rebecca KunoScott
Chelsea Musick
Katie Hays
Mary Pulley
Sobia Khan
Dil Thiagarajan
Sid Thiagarajan
Raj Thiagarajan
Sheryl Knappenberger
Candace Powell
Phil Nored
Jon Whobrey
Elizabeth Schindler
Karen Richardson
Greg Colburn
Bob Landers
Carrie Schwitters
Bridgette Singer
Jim Young
Jon Freier
Lorena Salom Huffman
Valerie Korock
Ryan Korock
Kim Smith
Rossie Cruz
Nancy Chabot
Vicki B.
Peggy Chase
Kimberly Kapustein
Shubha Tirumale
Ben Rush
Lisa Callan
Riley Callan
Bryan Callan
Anne Otis
Jim Bofinger
Jennifer Scrivener
Jamie Rosen
Ann Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Anne Stowe
Umair Bashir
LR Stevenson
Sean Alexander
Karolyn Loncon
Rupika Jain
Ami Desai-Mehta
Madelyn Trask
Sophia Hashmey
Deon Lillo
Jason DeBruler
Daniel Jung
Angelina DiFiore-Muzzey
Shari King
Nawid Haghgoo
Jennifer McNulty
Whitney Pickering
Lindsey Walsh
Julie Moseley
Laura Gaffney
Sana Hashmey
Kathryn Dean
Mark Meadowcroft
Brian Bartle
Nicole Topel
William Bartholomew
Jillian Bartholomew
Bryce Ramon
Sarah Hoey
Suzanne Lee
Nicola Doyle
Trevor Short
Linn Abraham
Gabriel Dorta
Kirsten Wisdom

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