Drive with Care, Walk Aware

Traffic & Pedestrian Safety in Issaquah Highlands

Issaquah Highlands is taking on traffic and pedestrian safety in our community

Highlands Council and the IHCA are working with City of Issaquah to identify ways that we can facilitate changes in traffic safety, as requested by the community. Highlands Council started the highly-visual “Drive with Care, Walk Aware” campaign, including roving A-board signs on neighborhood streets. This educational campaign is just the start to a larger movement to enhance traffic and pedestrian safety in our community.

What comes next?

See the City of Issaquah’s webpage dedicated to this topic: Highlands Traffic >

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments on our blog >

How you can help!

Sign our online Traffic and Pedestrian Safety pledge >

Provide continued feedback to the City of Issaquah in their new online survey >

Sign the Pledge

Pledge to “Drive with Care, Walk Aware” in our community and keep your neighbors, friends and family safe. We encourage all drivers to sign.

Tips & Resources

Traffic and pedestrian safety tips and resources adults and kids, including walking to school, driving in winter conditions and managing road rage.

Share Our Campaign

Print and digital resources you can use to help spread the word to “slow down,” “drive like you live here,” and “look out before you step out.”

Issaquah Highlands Drive with Care, Walk Aware Traffic Safety Pledge

I pledge to:

  • Drive with care, don’t rush, and watch out for others walking, biking and driving in our community.
  • Drive slower throughout the community — I believe 25 mph is plenty.
  • Stop for pedestrians by coming to a complete stop before the crosswalk, allowing people to cross the street safely.
  • Walk aware as a pedestrian and only cross at crosswalks.
  • Look out before I step out into the crosswalk by making eye contact with drivers before I cross.
  • Drive like I live here — because I do! By driving safe, I will help keep my family, friends and neighbors safe, too.

Add your name to the pledge

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We Pledged, Join Us!

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Share Our “Drive with Care, Walk Aware” Campaign

You can share our images on social media or print and display in your home or business. Sponsor logos must be displayed as part of the image for copyright purposes. Thank you for taking a stand for traffic and pedestrian safety in Issaquah Highlands!