Highlands Day Festival 2017

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Once Upon a Highlands Day….

Once upon a time, in a village on a hillside in the land of Issaquah, the people declared,

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  The 26th day of the month of August, in the year of two-thousand-seventeen, has been pronounced Highlands Day!”

Royalty, knights, jesters and the like marked their calendars in anticipation of this day to celebrate the fairy-tale life that is living in Issaquah Highlands!

Soon, the Lords of the land began to contact the Highlands Council to pledge their financial support as official sponsors of the festival.  The festival would be funded by the first day of May, giving way to shopkeepers and merchants who applied to erect their stalls of wares and information for the benefit of the villager families.

On festival day, all the storybook characters from everyone’s favorite classic tales will come to life as we enjoy live entertainment, hearty fare, and medieval fun.


Christy Garrard
Executive Director, Highlands Council
(425) 507-1110


May 1, 2017: Submit contracts to ensure your logo appears on all applicable materials

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Sponsorship Program Options

King Package (Title Sponsor)


  • Select one area from the menu options (i.e. stage, feature attractions)
  • Logo on all marketing: 11″ x 17″ poster, advertisements and community kiosks!
  • Mention in pre-event social media posts and three verbal mentions from the stage as Title Sponsor.
  • Complete booth on venue with priority placement (10′ x 10′ covered space, table, 2 chairs)

Queen Package


  • Complete booth on venue with second tier placement (10′ x 10′ covered space, table, 2 chairs)
  • Logo on 11″ x 17″ promotional poster, second tier placement
  • Mention in pre-event social media posts as event sponsor, two verbal mentions from the stage
  • Banner on venue with second tier priority placement (if provided by sponsor)

Knight Package


  • Booth space or banner on venue (sponsor provides canopy cover or banner)
  • Logo on 11″ x 17″ promotional poster, third tier placement
  • Pre-event social media post recognition as even sponsor, one verbal mention from the stage

Jester Package


  • Benefits equivalent to in-kind donation value
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Highlands Day Festival Archery



Highlands Day Festival Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash


Highlands Day Festival Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel


Highlands Day Festival Wacky Ball

Wacky Ball


Highlands Day Festival Trolley Shuttle

Festival Shuttle Service

One Still Available
One Sold! Sponsored by Shelter Holdings

Highlands Day Festival Pony Rides

Pony Rides – Sold!

Sponsored by Allegro Pediatrics

Highlands Day Festival Bounce Castle

Castle Bounce House – Sold!

Sponsored by Harborstone Credit Union

Highlands Day Festival Pirates Revenge

Pirates Revenge


Highlands Day Festival Royal Table

Royal Table


Highlands Day Festival Dual Lane Slide

Dual Lane Slide – Sold!

Sponsored by Timberlake Church

Highlands Day Festival Stage

Stage – Sold! 

Sponsored by City of Issaquah Arts Commission

Highlands Day Festival Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank – Sold!

Sponsored by Matt Jenson, Cascade Team Real Estate