2018 Grand Ridge Elementary Safety Patrols

Please Mind the Safety Patrol

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Certain times in the mornings and afternoons, driving down Park Drive can be a slow-go, especially around the school bells. Keeping everyone safe is the Grand Ridge Elementary (GRE) Safety Patrol. According to Cyndi Thompson, GRE Safety Patrol Coordinator: “GRE Safety Patrol is a select group of dedicated fourth and...
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Blakely Hall Issaquah Highlands

Highlands Council Welcomes Three New Trustees

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Highlands Council affairs are governed by the Board of Trustees, each member with one equal vote. Trustees must represent the variety of Issaquah Highlands Stakeholders, including, homeowners, retail/commercial, and representatives of owners of multi-family dwellings. The Trustees are appointed, and the positions are self-perpetuating. The mission of Highlands Council is...
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