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Blakely Hall Comm Center


  • 7,000 square foot community center available for all types of events
  • Located in the heart of Issaquah Highlands
  • Meeting place for the numerous clubs and groups at Issaquah Highlands
  • Large gourmet kitchen for entertaining
  • Accommodates over 200 people
  • LEED Certified building

Drive through Issaquah Highlands on the top of the hour and you’re sure to hear Blakely Hall’s clock tower marking the time with its charming bells. The campanile is part of the 7,000-square-foot community center, which serves as a gathering space for community events, programs and meetings.

Blakley Hall Interior Blakley Hall

Much of Issaquah Highlands' active social calendar takes place at Blakely Hall, including Yoga and Zumba classes, as well as children's playgroups and clubs such as the Chinese Heritage Club, Wine Club, Grocery Coupon Exchange Club, Photo Club and the Poker Club.

Blakely Hall is also available on a rental basis.
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Originally not part of Issaquah Highlands’ development plan, Port Blakely Communities answered residents' desires for a central, dedicated gathering space by donating more than $2 million in land and construction costs to complete Blakely Hall. The building is also LEED certified, meeting rigorous standards for energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity established by the U.S. Green Building Council, and upholding Port Blakely Communities dedication to environmental stewardship.

Here residents become acquainted with the many activities and services that are part of the Issaquah Highlands community.

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