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Erika North

Erika North, Community Manager with ARC Committee

Your Community Managers Work for You!

By | Connections, IHCA
Your Community Management team serves the community in many ways. Primary functions can be broken down into the three sections below: Community Management The IHCA Community Managers (CMs) serve all residents in the Issaquah Highlands. They work alongside the landscape, maintenance and accounting teams to ensure operations of the IHCA...
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Co-Existing With Carnivores Issaquah

Carnivores Call the Highlands Home

By | Special Event
Do you think about hungry bears when you put your trash out at night? Have you heard coyotes howling under the moonlight? Glimpsed a bobcat on nearby trails? If so, you’re not alone. Many Issaquah Highlands residents report increased sightings of carnivores, from bears and coyotes to bobcats and raccoons....
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