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Vanshika Chauhan

Co-Existing With Carnivores Issaquah

Carnivores Call the Highlands Home

By | Special Event
Do you think about hungry bears when you put your trash out at night? Have you heard coyotes howling under the moonlight? Glimpsed a bobcat on nearby trails? If so, you’re not alone. Many Issaquah Highlands residents report increased sightings of carnivores, from bears and coyotes to bobcats and raccoons....
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Delton Mosby "Dignity"

Activism Through Art: Inside the Event

By | Connections
Art carries the power to convey meaning in a variety of ways, and to narrate stories that connect people to both the art and to one another. Art also has the ability to inspire and challenge us as individuals and as a community. Issaquah Talks: Activism Through Art is an...
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