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Vicki Grunewald

Issaquah Highlands Goats TV

Issaquah Highlands Goats Featured on Japanese TV

On August 2, Japanese television network, Fuji TV, reached out to Highlands Council through our official community Facebook page regarding "The Great Goat Escape" that took place in the community on July 30. The goats are hired each year by the IHCA. They mow and trim the vegetation on our...
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Issaquah Highlands Goat Escape 2019

The Great Goat Escape 2019

By General
On July 30 residents were enjoying a quiet, sunny evening in Issaquah Highlands. Some were strolling, some out for a jog, walking the dog, or taking the kids to the playground. Visiting with neighbors on the street corner is a common past-time here. But a little before 6:00pm everything changed...
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Roger Ulrich Petrified Wood Issaquah Highlands

A 50-Million-Year-Old Find

By Connections
Roger Ulrich’s Harrison Street neighborhood property was undergoing excavation in October 2016 when his team discovered something unusual embedded in the bedrock – a large log of petrified wood. This discovery led Roger on an exciting exploration far into Issaquah’s past. What exactly was uncovered? Roger: Petrified wood is a...
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IHCA BOD Candidates June 2019

By Connections, IHCA
Voting is open June 3-21. Log in to your district’s voting website as described on your election announcement, sent to homeowners by postal mail and email, which includes your unique registration code. If you did not receive your announcement, or have any other questions, please see this previous blog post....
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