Ask the IHCA: November 2019

By November 14, 2019 Connections, IHCA
Ask the IHCA

This Month: Garbage Bin Storage, Sidewalks, Barking Dogs

The “Ask the IHCA” monthly column appears in the IHCA section of Connections almost every month. The primary purpose of the IHCA is to preserve, maintain, enhance, and protect the value of property and amenities in the community in accordance with the governing documents. Here are a few of the most popular questions asked recently using the “Ask the IHCA” web form.

Can I put a shed for garbage bins next to my house?

Per the Use Rules and Restrictions, any trash (grey), recycling (blue), or yard waste (green) containers must be stored indoors during non-pickup hours. This means either in your garage or in a trash can enclosure. Pre-approved trash can enclosures can be found at HERE. If applying to construct a trash can enclosure, the designs shown in appendix E have been pre-approved and require a Project Notification form to the IHCA Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Custom trash can enclosures must be approved by the ARC prior to installation. All trash can enclosures are subject to Accessory Structure Guidelines.

The sidewalk is coming apart. It’s been slowly getting worse and I’m wondering if it is going to be repaired.

Most sidewalks are maintained by the city of Issaquah. You can report unsafe sidewalks on their concern tracker HERE. Sidewalks inside of some supplemental neighborhoods may be maintained by the IHCA. If you are unsure, please contact our offices at 425-427-9257 with the address of the sidewalk in question.

I have a neighbor that lets his dog bark all day. I have asked him to please control the dog but there has been no change. Is there a formal complaint process through you?

The IHCA encourages you to open a dialogue with your neighbor prior to submitting a formal complaint. If you have attempted to communicate with your neighbor with unsuccessful results, the IHCA Formal Complaint form can be found under on our website. Any significant complaint should be registered in writing and directed to the IHCA office. Complaints should include all pertinent information. Complainants may be asked to address the IHCA Covenant Committee, IHCA Board of Directors, City of Issaquah or the State of Washington court of law.

The IHCA is happy to receive all of your inquires and are here to help. Submit your question to Ask the IHCA >>