Ask the IHCA: February 2020

By February 6, 2020 Connections, IHCA
Ask the IHCA

This Month: Street Lights, Insurance and Flooding

The “Ask the IHCA” monthly column appears in the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) section of Connections almost every month. The primary purpose of the IHCA is to preserve, maintain, enhance, and protect the value of property and amenities in the community in accordance with the governing documents. Here are a few of the most popular questions asked recently using the “Ask the IHCA” web form.

Issaquah Highlands streetlight outage

Find the street light number posted on the poll.

The bulb in a streetlight near my home is out. How do we get it replaced?

Street light outages should be reported to Puget Sound Energy (PSE). It is best to provide PSE with the location and street light number posted on the pole. To report a street light that is out, visit their webpage.

I live in a condo and my neighbor’s water heater ruptured and caused water damage to our unit. Do I need to file a claim with my insurance or the HOA insurance?

This should be handled by your neighbor’s insurance company and your insurance company. It may be best to reach out directly to your neighbor and your homeowners insurance company to open a claim.

The IHCA is happy to receive all of your inquires and are here to help. Submit your question to Ask the IHCA >>

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