Issaquah Highlands combines the convenience and excitement found in dense cities with the quality of life found in the suburbs. Environmentally sensitive with safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, and many recreational opportunities-our community provides an ideal place for you and your family to live, work, and play.


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Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) serves homeowner needs and handles property management of Issaquah Highlands.

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Now Hiring! Travel Advisors

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Local Job Posting – Travel Advisor Steer Davies Gleave has been commissioned to manage an exciting outreach campaign in the City of Issaquah. The Salmon Friendly Trips project’s intent is to engage with the public and encourage people to travel in a more sustainable way by offering tailored advice and…

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Polygon Changes Proposal

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On April 6th, the City of Issaquah’s Land and Shore Committee once again considered Polygon Homes’ proposal to build affordable housing and transfer 100 residential [units] rights (TDRs) into Issaquah Highlands. This time, the five affordable housing options presented on March 2nd were reduced to one. Polygon’s proposal (dated April…

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Parks are Memory Makers

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Photo: Issaquah Highlands HY Board members Ethan Hunter (left) and Deon Lillo (right) helped Parks Director, Jeff Watling (center) with innovative park ideas. By Nina Milligan, Highlands Council April 6, 2017 Issaquah’s Parks and Recreation holds their final outreach meeting tonight, April 6th, (at Sunset Elementary) but you can still submit…

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Decision on 100 Additional Homes, Plus Affordable Housing, Postponed

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By Nina Milligan, Highlands Council, Communication Manager At their regular meeting Tuesday night (2/21/2017), following a staff presentation and Public Hearing comments, Issaquah’s City Council extended its deliberations on Agenda Bill (AB) 7215, the Major Amendment to the Issaquah Highlands Development Agreement proposed by Polygon Homes. Polygon owns 8.5 acres of…

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